4 Of The Best Natural Supplements For Stress Relief: The Organic And Natural Stuff

4 Of The Best Natural Supplements For Stress Relief: The Organic And Natural Stuff

Life can be very stressful for even the toughest of minds; with the constant struggle of keeping on top of bills and taxes, and having to formulate a stable income to keep yourself and your family fed and sheltered, stress can creep up on you in no time.

When stress finally grabs hold of you, you will know it; with the general comfortableness and the constant negative feeling which emanates from stress, you will no doubt pray that there was something in the world which would help you out in keeping your sanity in check and eventually relieving that nasty stress.

While there are methods you can use to relieve stress, you might be on a tight schedule and not have enough time to exercise or read a book. Stress relief supplements are just like taking paracetamol for your headache; you take a tablet, drink it down with water, and go about your day – supplements are the ideal way of relieving stress while you are on the go. Here is my choice of 4 of the best natural supplements to help you relieve that stress of yours on the go and carry on with whatever it is that you are doing without being distracted or bothered by that stress once more.




Company – Cliniks

Contents – 60 capsules

Price – £15.47

Where to buy – Amazon

Customer Reviews – 4.7/5 with 23 reviews


The first item on this list is going to be MELLOW by Cliniks. With an added cherry extract, MELLOW tablets will have an appealing taste to them, which will give a user a satisfying taste for when they ingest one; of course, if you don’t like cherry, then these tablets will taste disgusting!

Another bonus to MELLOW is that they are made in the UK, so for any British people out there who are reading this, MELLOW will sit right at home with you.

Aside from stress relieve and anxiety busting, MELLOW tablets will also help you to feel good about yourself, and will help you get that long deserved restful sleep.

For £15.47 for 60 capsules of this natural goodness, you are getting a lot of bang for your bucks.


2. Aromatherapy


Company – Bath and Body Works

Contents – 8oz/226g of body cream

Price – £16.48

Where to buy – Amazon

Customer Reviews – 5/5 with 2 reviews.


Something different for number 2. Bath and Body Works’ Aromatherapy is a special body cream rather than simple pills which you gulp down with a lovely beverage.

For Aromatherapy to soothe your stress, you will need to apply the cream to yourself, and take deep breaths of the natural scent of the cream.

One disadvantage of this body cream however, in regard to buying from Amazon, is that it is not eligible for Amazon Prime, meaning that if anybody has Prime on Amazon, this product won’t contain any deals or express deliveries.

With this in mind, however, Aromatherapy is quite cheap for what it provides, and although the delivery times may be lengthy if you reside outside of the USA, this body cream is still a very good product, and although it has only 2 reviews on Amazon, they both have praised it with 5 stars, so it should be a good product.


3. Ashwagandha


Company – Organic India

Contents – 90 veg capsules

Price – £7.30

Where to buy – Amazon

Customer Reviews – 4.2/5 with 179 reviews.


The cheapest supplement on this list, Ashwagandha by Organic India helps to soothe your nervous system and give your body a great opportunity to relieve stress, as well as anxiety and insomnia.

At such a cheap price, this supplement is highly beneficial to people who are on a very tight budget and want a supplement cheaper than MELLOW, and with how many reviews out of the 179 that have rated it high, Ashwagandha has done its job well for a lot of people.

Within Amazon, you can choose to have up to 4 packs of Ashwagandha jars with a total of 360 capsules for only £17.38; these are a lot of capsules and could last you for just under a year if you decide to take only 1 a day.

This is perhaps the most flexible supplement on this list as it is cheapest, and is highly rated with 5 stars by 118 people.


4. MindCare BALANCE


Company – Igennus Healthcare Nutrition

Contents – 30 omega-3 wild fish oil capsules + 30 micronutrient capsules

Price – £15.99

Where to buy – Amazon

Customer Reviews – 4.4/5 with 57 reviews


MindCare Balance by Igennus Healthcare Nutrition hits the very familiar 60 capsule capacity, but it is quite unique this time as 30 of these are special omega-3 wild fish oil capsules, and the other 30 are special micronutrient capsules.

At £15.99, we’ve returned to the more pricy range in terms of supplements, however MindCare BALANCE offers a professional and effective to stress and anxiety relief.

The two capsules contain special ingredients which help to give the central nervous system the nutrients it needs to efficiently function. The MindCare BALANCE capsules help to keep people relaxed and sane in the most stressful of times.


And that marks the end of this list of must have supplements to soothe any stress or anxiety that you may be currently facing. Though the prices vary from supplement to supplement, all do exceptional jobs and reliving stress, and are definitely one of the quickest and most efficient ways of soothing that intense stress.


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