4 Ways Creativity Can Relieve Stress: Creative Methods To Soothe Stress

4 Ways Creativity Can Relieve Stress: Creative Methods To Soothe Stress

Humans are creative creatures. If you think about it, we’ve used creativity to advance as a species in ways we would never have thought possible during our early developments; creativity lead to the development of boats, cars; to planes and rockets… and it doesn’t stop there!

The basic concept of mobile phones was thought of by a group of intelligent, and more importantly creative, brains; so was the concept of weapons like bows and arrows from long ago, to firearms and tanks from only a hundred or so years ago.

As a whole, if it weren’t for our magnificent brains and creativity, we’d still be living in caves and bashing rocks together to make a fire to cook our recently hunted prey.

Creativity can play a huge part when it comes to relieving stress, and thankfully there are methods which you can implement creativity into that do amazing jobs in reducing the amount of stress you may be feeling.

This list will go through some ways in which you can use creativity to soothe those stressed out emotions.




The first method on this list, writing is a surprisingly effective tactic somebody can use to relieve any stress they may be under, be it from home, work or just from life in general.

When you are feeling emotional and speak out to somebody about how you are feeling, you may have felt like you have lifted a huge weight off your shoulders, and feel much better about yourself; the same can be done when it comes to stress.

If you write down on either a piece of paper or on a word document how you are feeling in terms of your stress, such as what you are thinking and what you think caused the stress to manifest, you will get a much better understanding of yourself and how you are feeling, hopefully lifting a small burden off your shoulders.

On the other hand, you can write a short story, or even a full-blown novel or fan fiction about your favourite movie or TV show, and implement your feelings into a character or for an entire setting. This will do amazing benefits for your stress as it is very similar to the method before about jotting down how you are feeling, but it will be in the form of a character from your story.

These circumstances are why writing to relieve stress is a very solid way to do just that.




Grabbing a book and diving in to its gripping story and believable characters can do wonders in soothing your current stress.

When reading, you are essentially directing your focus and mind onto the story you are delving into, and away from the world around you, although this does depend on how well you faze out everything around you when concentrating on something.

I know by personal experience how effective reading to reduce stress has been; during my time at college and university, I had dozens of books on hand to focus my mind onto when things became too tough for me. It helped all the way through college, but unfortunately they weren’t enough to take my mind off of the intense work I had to go through at uni, and I left after only a few rough months due to being completely overwhelmed by the work.

Nevertheless, reading is another great method of creativity which can do amazing ways of reducing your stress.




Very similar in terms of writing as a way to reduce stress, you can also use drawing as a way to relieve stress as well.

Using either traditional pen and paper, or specific software on your computer like Microsoft Paint or GIMP, you can draw your emotions and what you are feeling onto the physical, or virtual, piece of paper and lift the weight off your shoulder which you had held onto for so long.

On the other hand, you could simply use drawing, like reading, to take your mind and concentration off of the dilemma which caused the stress to manifest; again, this does depend on how well you can blot out the outside world, however, so this may not be the case for everyone.

Alternatively, you can use colouring as a way to blow off some steam from feeling stressed. There are loads of adult colouring books on the market which somebody can use to colour in as a way to either cool off from stress, or express how they are feeling by using colours to showcase their emotions and feelings.

Whatever method you do, drawing really can relieve stress, and I would ask anybody who is under the effects of stress to at least try it out and see if it helps.




The last creative method on this list is none other than one of humanity’s greatest inventions – music. The great thing about music is that not only can anybody create it, but music can also come from just about any object, or however you make of it. For example, tapping a spoon on an empty glass produces a lovely “ting” sound; you can practically use anything to make fascinating and wonderful sounds, which can be classed as music.

Music becoming a superb way to relieve stress is not something that many people can disagree with; music serves as a very effective way of soothing stress simply because it sounds relaxing and wonderful to listen to, and with how many songs have been made, there’s bound to be a piece of music that connects with everybody.

Of course, there are many different genres of music, so there will be some kind of music which will help relieve stress much better than other genres; for example, heavy metal won’t help with stress as much as classical music, but once again, it does depend on the kind of person you are.

As a whole, music with its appealing fashion and how it can speak to practically anybody through many different genres is an excellent way at relieving stress with something creative in nature.

The next time you’re feeling a little stressed out about life, try to kick back and relax while you play your favourite tune through any speakers or earphones; you may find your stress slowly soothe itself.



And with that, that marks the end of this creative list. Thank you so much for reading, and I hope you are able to use any of these methods to reduce any kind of emotional stress you may be struck under.

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