5 Natural Ways To Relieve Stress: Soothe Stress Like Nature Intended

5 Natural Ways To Relieve Stress: Soothe Stress Like Nature Intended

In this day and age, we depend so much on technology and artificial alternatives, it’s hard to realise that natural solutions are usually the most effective at solving our problems. If you have a heachace, the first thing people normally do is gulp down a piece of paracetamol and their headaches will be no more (provided you aren’t unfortunate enough to be allergic to paracetamol, of course); but people don’t realise that there are natural alternatives that can do the job as well, if not even better.

Stress is no different; now, we have many artificial relievers such as supplements and specially-made music or media to help with stress, but what about the people who want to continue being one with nature and flat out refuse to use anything artificial? Thankfully for you lot, there are natural alternatives out there which are as natural as can be and not man-made or… let’s say, futuristic.

I will go through five natural methods which you can use to relieve any stress you may be under, whether from work, school or simply from general life.


1 – Exercise


Exercise is very beneficial to your body and soul, and is perhaps the most natural way to reduce stress in the world, if not the most effective as well.

What makes exercise so important and natural is the fact that humans have been doing at least some form of exercise since our existence; our cavemen ancestors used to hunt down prey to eat, which no doubt required a lot of intense running to keep up with the delicious animals.

Although nowadays, humans don’t have as many reasons to run or jump around as our ancestors did, exercise continues to be a vital activity in our day to day lives, and is something which everyone should strive to do.

Opting to exercise outside rather than from the indoor comfort like as our own home or in a local gym adds a sort of natural value to exercise as the fresh air will help to further relieve any stress life may haven given you.

No matter where you choose to exercise, however, always know that general exercise has so many other benefits rather than just reliving stress, and continue to allow space for it in your daily schedules because it is really good for your mind and body.


2 – Yoga


Although yoga can be classed as a low-intensity form of exercise, I would personally say that yoga is more along the lines of a kind of meditation; however, it is yet another superb way of relieving stress naturally, and one that a lot of people who are under stress at the moment should fit into their schedules.

Yoga helps you to relax your body and soul, and in doing so can help to relieve any tensions or pains you may be under. Yoga allows you to manually control the way you breathe, and to really concentrate on your body and stretch and flex it in very soothing ways.

It allows you to essentially tune into your soul and can be an extremely efficient way of relieving stress. Not only that, but coming back to your breaths, yoga can ultimately teach you some breathing techniques which you can implement at a later time to combat your stress if it returns for a second bout at your sanity.

As a whole, yoga is another incredibly effective and absolutely natural way of reducing stress, and is a method which anybody can do; yoga also serves as a better alternative to people who either don’t prefer or are simply unable to perform any intensive forms of exercise.


3 – Taking A Bath


There aren’t many things in the world that gives you as much relaxation and a huge sense of relief than climbing into a nice hot bath at the end of a long and tiring day.

Taking a nice hot bath at the end of the day (or first thing in the morning to kick off the day) is a wonderful method of relieving stress; the warm water coupled with any added bath soaks you may put into the water, such as muscle relaxant bubbles, can soothe just about any amounts of stress, whether mild or intensive.

Not only that, but once you finish washing yourself and relaxing in the irresistibly warm water, you will come out again feeling refreshed and good about yourself, which are very good emotions to feel when combating stress, and will allow the eventual banishment of the stress to be faultless.


4 – Drinking Tea Remedies


Another great way to relieve stress naturally is to buy natural tea remedies, or to create your very own using specific ingredients. Drinking hot beverages like tea and coffee is refreshing already, and is always something a hard worker craves for towards their eventual lunch break, but adding things such as peppermint leaves or lemon balm leaves to boiling water can create the perfect stress relieving tea.

You can implement this method either at home, or during your lunch or tea break at your place of work, so there aren’t many things that can stop you from at least trying out this solution to find out if it is right for you.


5 – Being Social


The thing that sets us apart from all the other animals on this world the most is our many abilities to communicate with each other. Another natural way to reduce stress is to simply chat with either your friends, family or with a doctor or a therapist; basically chatting with another human, and being social.

This is a superb way of relieving stress because you can use this opportunity to talk to somebody about how you are feeling and ask them for guidance on what you can do to help yourself, or what they can do to help you if your problem is intensive enough.

Even if you don’t ask them for help, simply talking to somebody about how you are feeling and what you might think is causing all the negative emotions is enough to lift a burden off your shoulders as your simple explaining to them was more than enough to allow your pent-up emotions to be released.

The next time you’re feeling stressed, you’ll be surprised to know that one of the best methods of relieving that freshly-manifested stress is simply talking to the person you love the most, or that random stranger who might be sitting or standing next to you.

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