5 Ways To Relieve Stress In A Car: Become Stress Free On The Road

5 Ways To Relieve Stress In A Car: Become Stress Free On The Road

It’s quite hard to get from point A to point B without using some sort of vehicle or transportation in this day and age, specifically your very own personal car; they are practically everywhere and have fitted in as an essential to humanity over the last century.
With a car, you will be able to travel around the country for your own needs, such as taking your family on a day out somewhere, to traveling to the place where you work. Unfortunately like everything in the world, driving a car does bring out some stressful situations which you will have to endure.

These stressful encounters can include the classic road rage after that car in front of you suddenly slammed on their brakes for no reason, to the simple commute to work filled to the brim with all that anticipation of arriving and having to face that nearly impossible work.

Having to face stresses such as these, you will no doubt be itching for some tactics on how to keep your stress to a minimum on the road. Join me as I go through 5 ways on how you can relieve stress in a car, and how you can continue to control your pent-up stress while out on the road.


Listen To The Radio


If you have a car, chances are you also have a radio to go along with the helpful machine. With a radio, you will be able to surf through the popular radio stations on a whim and choose out which station is currently playing your favourite song, or who are chatting about an interesting subject, like politics!

Furthermore, you will be able to play either CDs or music from a USB with modern radios; this gives you a lot more control as you can choose all your favourite songs to be played one after another rather than from pure luck after surfing through all the stations currently on the radio.

Alternatively, you can use your phone to play music; simply plug a pair of earphones or ‘buds’ into your phone and play those songs. As a side note, I would advise you try this way as a last resort because not only are you not allowed to use your phone while driving, but you will also need to hear everything around you. Sadly, with headphones plugged

directly into your ears, it would be very hard to hear compared to music blaring out from your car speakers.

Whatever station you listen to with whatever kind of radio however, listening to your favourite song, and maybe even singing along to the lyrics you remember well, will no doubt help you to breathe out some pent-up stress.


Take Supplements Before Traveling


I recently made a review-like list of a few natural stress reliving supplements which you can find HERE; with stress reliving supplements like tablets or applying body cream to yourself first thing in the morning, you will slowly feel their magical, stress-soothing powers working over you.
Before driving to work or any other destination which may bring forth a few stressful encounters, you could take a natural stress relieving supplement and depending on how long until the effects take place, you will feel calm and stress free while you are out on the road.

Of course, like any other tablet or medication, you will need to both check the supplement’s packet and with your GP to find out if the supplements are not only compatible with you (i.e. you aren’t allergic to any of the ingredients) but if they won’t make you drowsy too – falling asleep while driving is a very bad thing to do!

Once you are in the all clear with this information however, and the supplements do indeed work for you, then it would be very wise to take a supplement before you travel to minimise the intensity of your reaction to the driver who cut you up with their vehicle.


Squeeze/Spin A Stress Toy


While driving, you will unfortunately come across those unfair traffic lights who stay green for everyone else, but as soon as you arrive to them, they turn red immediately. Fortunately, not all is lost; you could use this seemingly cruel time out to play with a stress toy safely.

As driving any kind of vehicle requires total concentration, it is against the law to do something that would seem distracting while driving. This same law works when you are stopped as well, sadly, but that is only classed for mobile phones to my understanding (I think it’s because phone calls and such can usually drag out, meaning that you may still be using it when the circumstances for you stopping have changed and you need to continue moving, but feel free to correct me if I’m wrong).

Ultimately, if you are stopped in your car for any reason, like traffic lights or on a railway crossing waiting for the train to pass, you can use this spare time to fidget around a squishy ball or a fidget spinner to give your restless hands and arms something to do and to act as a way to take your stressful emotions out on.

Again, try to use these particular toys when you are stopped however and not on the move as not only is it illegal, but also very dangerous and could put the lives of you and other people on the line.


Do Breathing Exercises When The Time Is Right


Another method to use when you are stopped at traffic lights or in the middle of a jam is to take long, deep breaths to help relax your tense body.

Now, I’m not asking you to grab a yoga mat and hop out when you next approach traffic lights, and pull off some majestic yoga moves in the middle of the road, but doing something as simple as taking time to breathe in and out deeply in your own pace can do wonders in soothing any anxiety or stress which may be dwelling inside your mind.

The next time you find yourself in a traffic jam, instead of shouting and complaining about what may have caused it or that you may be late for work, try to take that opportunity to relax and breathe out deep breaths to try to lay off some of that built up stress.


Snack On Stress Reliving Food


I made a post a while back about specific foods which can help relive stress, and for reasons unknown to man, traveling in a vehicle can really bring out the hunger in you.

While eating and drinking are alongside mobile phones as things you aren’t really meant to do while driving, the next time you stop off at a service station, or maybe are in a very tight traffic jam, try and snack on a piece of stress relieving food – dark chocolate is a very good example of an easy to eat food which does immensely well at soothing stress.

The next time you have to drive your car out somewhere, try to take a bar of dark chocolate along with you to try and soothe yourself of the stress you may either be under then, or during your trip – you’ll never know who will pull out in front of you out there!




As a whole, driving can be a stressful environment. The journey, however long, can bring you random and for the most part annoying situations which can bring out a little bit of stress in you, from another driver not following the national rules of the road, to unfortunately timed traffic or railway crossing lights.

Whether these methods prove effective to you or not is another story, but if you are the kind of person who is easily stressed and annoying with the environment of driving, hopefully these tactics help you in keeping your stress on check while driving, and makes your journey peaceful and happy.


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