AVANTEK Noise Machine Review: Using Noises And Sounds To Relax

AVANTEK Noise Machine Review: Using Noises And Sounds To Relax

Product: AVANTEK Noise Machine

Price: £49.99

Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon.co.uk

Number of Sounds: 20

Size: 10 cm X 10 cm

Weight: 275 Grams

Amazon Customer Ratings: 4.6/5 Stars (at the time of this review)

My Rating: 9/10

The AVANTEK Noise Machine Overview


Getting yourself to fall asleep while suffering with stress, anxiety or any other mental pressure can be one of the most trickiest things ever; no matter how much you shake and stir underneath your duvet, you just can’t seem to find the right position to be comfortable enough to fall asleep.

Using noise to take your mind off of the mental strain is a very effective way of getting yourself to fall asleep easily without the need to unnecessarily wriggle around underneath your covers; some people would opt to use a virtual noise machine on the internet from their computer or from a special app on their phone, but there is a far more simpler alternative to both of these…

The AVANTEK Noise Machine is a physical device which is capable of playing out loud 20 different kinds of noises and sounds which will relax your mind and play a huge part in allowing you to drift off to sleep without further worrying about stress or anxiety which you may be currently trying to cope with. It comes in two colours; a typical white design which makes it look like something from Apple, to a sleek black and blue design which in my opinion is a far more pleasing design.

Nobody wants to be affected with stress, and trying to get to sleep can be very challenging, especially if the pressures of life such as work and school are getting the best of you. That is why I strongly believe this little noise machine will be a great addition to your stress relieving arsenal of methods and products should you have any, and I want to personally walk you through this nifty little thing.


Although Pricey In Cost, It Packs A HUGE Punch!


Sure, spending £50 for a sound generator when you could easily find a virtual equivalent online for free with a simple search on Google may sound silly, but there may be a reason for you to think otherwise…

With this noise machine, you have a vast range of different kinds of sounds available to soothe your mind and help you to either sleep, to concentrate better on working or to study; online noise generators such as A Soft Mummur only have a small amount of noises to choose from; AVANTEK’s noise generator has a whopping 20 different sounds to choose from, ranging from a soaking wet rain noise, to a windy fan noise.

Furthermore, each sound contains around 30 different volume options (maximum volume can play out at 115 dB), so there shouldn’t be any sound worries for people who are hard of hearing, or for others who want their sounds to keep a low profile.

With a 7 hour maximum timer, you are able to play out your choice in sound from the time you go to bed, and wake up with your favourite sound still going strong. Additionally, you can opt to have the sound be played continuously without setting up a time limit; you could have it play a rain noise all day in your room if you wanted.


Big Things CAN Come In Small Packages…


With a compact size of 10 cm by 10 cm (or 3.9 by 3.9 inches), you can easily carry around AVANTEK’s noise generator and use with any plug socket. As technology is getting better and better, and we are able to pack more and more things into small devices, it’s becoming the norm to see impressive amounts of features inside small pieces of tech.

Thanks to this tiny design, it should be no sweat in finding a small place to put the noise machine anywhere inside your home, from the table set closely aside to your bed, to that shelve hanging on the wall in your front room; you may even find a place high up inside the kitchen if you’re feeling in the mood to listen to some wind noises while prepping a ham salad sandwich.

You don’t even have to have it inside your home! You can take it with you to any place of your choice, as long as it has a plug point of some sort. If you have a USB plug of some kind, you will be pleased to know that you can use an included USB cable with the device to charge it up with, so you don’t have to only worry about any problems after the unfortunate circumstance of losing the power adapter.


A Large Variety Of Uses Rather Than Simply For Relieving Stress


You may be reading this review because you are in dire need of a good product to help you manage your stress, but you may be pleased to know that there are other things you can use AVANTEK’s noise machine for. Ear problems, especially those such as tinnitus, can be unbearable to deal with; that constant ringing of the ears is very hard to ignore, I know the feeling… (I should’ve listened to my mother when she told me to turn down the volume of my video games…)

There just may be that specific noise on AVANTEK’s nifty piece of tech with a sweet spot volume which will easily block out that irritating ringing inside your ears, and allow you to focus on the stuff that matters, like work or studying for that degree.

Alternatively, babies love sound, and when it’s the dreaded situation of their bedtime, they’re usually itching for the sound of safety inside their room while they sleep. Instead of spending the rest of the night locked up inside the room with them, terrified of making even the slightest sound capable of waking them up, perhaps you just need the sound of waves or that of a clock to keep them inside dream land.

Thanks to the small size of the noise maker, you can easily take it to work with you and play relaxing sounds while you carry out the tasks given to you by your employer to help you concentrate while additionally keeping your stress levels at bay.

Sadly, this also brings out one of the drawbacks to this wonderful device – AVANTEK hasn’t made a headphone jack for their little device, so you will unfortunately be unable to listen to the relaxing sounds with the privacy of a pair of headphones; you will simply have to hope that your boss will allow you to play it slightly aloud.

…I mean, who knows? Maybe you’ll be lucky and both your boss and your fellow employees will enjoy the sounds of birds and campfires echoing through the offices! It would certainly make the workplace fun to be in, at the very least…


AVANTEK’s Noise Machine Is Undeniably Awesome!


Even with this drawback, which may come as a disappointment for many, I still believe that this little noise machine is amazing, and will be a vital addition to your stress relieving arsenal. A lot of people on Amazon seem to think the same way about AVANTEK’s Noise Machine, with how many 5 star reviews are there.

Whether you have difficulty sleeping at night and want a better night’s sleep, to having a baby who absolutely loves having constant noise in their room but you don’t want to spend all night with them, then this nifty noise machine may be exactly what you are looking for.

If anything from this review sounds pleasing to you, then I highly recommend you grab your own noise machine from AVANTEK. With all the features it has packed into it, and with how compact and easy to use it is as well, I feel as though it will be an effective investment for you and a great way to relieve your stress.

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