Best Stress Relievers For Women: A Girl’s Guide To Soothing Stress

Best Stress Relievers For Women: A Girl’s Guide To Soothing Stress

With the amount of work a woman tends to do on an average day, it’s no surprise why girls are more prone to stress compared to her male counterpart. As stereotypically a woman is in charge of the house while her hubby is out working, she has a lot of housework to keep on top of; this can generally be far harder work than her loved one’s career.

Baring children and/or being unfortunate enough to have “time of the months” can be added to being in charge of the house and maintaining its cleanliness; there will have to be extreme measures gone into how in fact a woman can relieve the stress which all of these will absolutely give to her.

Here are some methods a woman can use to relieve any stress she may be under.




Meditation is a very common hobby for women, and with how effective it is in relieving stress, it’s no wonder why women generally have it as one of their main hobbies.

Yoga, which can be classed as a form of meditation, is perfect for a woman to perform as a way to relieve stress. As women can be more flexible than their male counterpart, yoga is generally more suitable for women, though that doesn’t mean that men cannot do yoga too.

Get a comfortable mat or go into a comfortable area in general, but on some relaxing music, and flex and breath that stress away.


Positive Mindset

There is nothing more healthier for your mind than to be positive about life. Let’s face it, life’s too short and precious to be thinking about negative thoughts or be encountering stress 24/7, and having a happy mind will generate a healthy mind in the long run.

Keeping yourself happy will enhance your body’s capabilities to deal with any illnesses or infections, further assisting you in relieving stress when that moment comes.

Try to adapt in having a positive outlook on life in general rather than just as a method of relieving stress as it will keep you happy and healthy for your entire life.




Writing is one of the greatest ways for us to let out our emotions and express them in words to either ourselves for a later time, or to somebody else as a way to get them to understand how we are feeling.

Not only that, but you could also take these emotions that you are feeling and transform them into a fictitious story based on the feelings you are encountering in relation to your stress.

For women, this is no exception. Authors like J.K. Rowling have found huge success when it came to writing; if you have the time on your hands, try to write a story or two based on the emotions you have about your stress. Who knows, you might be the next best-seller…




As well as writing, reading is another great way for a woman to relieve stress and anxiety from demanding work from either at home or in a work place.

She can cast her thoughts to the story or documentary she is reading about instead of thinking about the things that gave her the stress to start with.

But this tactic doesn’t end with just reading; it would be a very good idea to try and direct your thoughts onto other things, things that you enjoy doing.

Focusing on what is giving you stress will undoubtedly make the stress you are receiving far worse; think about something which brings you joy and your stress will be soothed.



Exercising, such as taking a walk, or a run can be extremely effective at relieving stress. Humans should aim to get at least 30-60 minutes of exercise each day to maintain a healthy body and mind.

The next time you go to work, if it isn’t too far away and the route there doesn’t consist of high speed motorways, ride a bicycle there instead of driving a car or taking a bus.

You will benefit the environment, and gain quite a workout if you do, which will be hugely efficient at relieving any stress you may have.




One of the quickest ways to brighten your gloomy hour is blasting your favourite tune out from your polished white ear buds at ear-damaging volumes.

There isn’t much in the world which can get you up and going than listening to your most beloved up-beat tune. This is an awesome and immensely effective way to relieve stress and get you out of that angry or sad mood.

Whether you’re at work or home, slap on those ear buds and play your favourite song on your phone, and you will soon find your anxiety and stress decrease drastically.


Stress Toy (Ball, Fidget Spinner etc)


When you’re stressed, you will naturally start to feel restless and will quickly find your legs and hands just won’t stop jiggling around! Fortunately, there are items which were designed to be squeezed and moved around to serve as ways to relieve your fidgeting needs.

Stress balls can be squeezed and fondled around in your hands like putty which will help you immensely if you are feeling restless and fidgety if you are under a bout of stress.

Fidget spinners can be spun around freely which can bring about incredible amounts of enjoyment. Fidget spinners carry around a lot of controversy with them, but there isn’t really any need for it; they offer vast amounts of stress relief and can be entertaining for anybody.

I have made a post which covers a bit more about fidget spinners here.




In conclusion, there are many methods in which a woman can use to relieve any stress she may be under. The same tactics can be used for men as well, so don’t feel like you’re being left out, lads…
If you are feeling stressed out about either home or work, try out any of these methods and you should start to feel more relaxed and ready to tackle the home chores or the work assignment the next time you get to them.

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