Does Crying Relieve Stress: Letting Out Your Emotions

Does Crying Relieve Stress: Letting Out Your Emotions

When things get the better of us emotionally, we start to feel our eyes water and feel like breaking down hysterically in tears. No, this isn’t a sign of a serious form of depression or suicidal tendencies (but don’t think that isn’t the case; it might be, then you will need to seek professional help), but it could very well be the fact that life may be taking too much of a toll on us.

Whether it be from the intense environment of your place of work, to the unfortunate pain of being at home and caring for the kids along with working on the house chores, life can sometimes be extremely difficult day in day out. The average person can only cope with these difficulties for so long before they will feel extremely emotional and possibly even break down in tears.

But are these tears actually beneficial for you when life is getting too stressful for you? And how on Earth would they be? Let’s fight back those tears and find out.


Does Crying Actually Relieve Stress?


There are 3 types of tears that humans cry depending on the situation; reflex, continuous and emotional. Reflex tears rain down from your eyes from a reaction to something that has irritated them, such as thick smoke from a fire or an exhaust to a hair or a grain of sleep or dust trapped in your eye. Continuous tears are natural and produced very regularly to help keep your eyes lubricated and safe from bacteria with help from a chemical called “lysozyme”.

The third kind of tear is the one that we are going to be focusing on; emotional tears. These tears are very different from the other two, mainly because they contain stress hormones which get released whenever our body is under stress. These kinds of tears shed these hormones and other toxins which gather when our body comes under stress.

Shedding these kinds of hormones and toxins is a great way of relieving stress as you are potentially flushing away the bad stuff which has accumulated from the stress out from your precious body.


What Other Benefits Does Crying Have?


Aside from releasing toxins and hormones which are gathered whenever stress has an effect on you, there are many other benefits you can gain from letting yourself be overcome by your built up emotions and allowing the floodgates to open.

First off, you will feel much better after lifting the weight off your shoulders and letting out your emotions as it would be bad to withhold them and keep them locked up inside you. Furthermore, letting loose with the tears can stimulate the production and force the release of endorphins, a natural feel good hormone and an effective pain-killer.

If you are suffering from mild depression or grief from the death of a loved one, crying acts as a way to drain your heart and soul of this sadness and to allow you to carry on feeling much better than you were before. Crying allows us to come to terms with upsetting situations and helps us push forward without feeling upset or depressed.


Should Crying Be Used As A Method Of Relieving Stress?


Seeing as how effective crying can be for both cheering you up after a traumatic event, and to swiftly flush out stress toxins and hormones from your body, one would easily believe that purposely crying should be welcomed into the hall of fame for “effective methods of stress relief”, and for the most part they would be correct.

Releasing those pesky, built-up toxins and hormones produced by stress is a superb way of relieving it and soothing yourself as you are essentially flushing it away from your body. Furthermore, even if you are feeling down not from stress but from another thing, you will feel much better after shedding a few salty drips from your eyes.

However, there are a few drawbacks to this. For starters, you will draw a lot of attention to yourself if you randomly cry while at your work place or at home with your family; people might think there is something wrong with you or that you are upset about something, and it will seem pretty strange to them if you answer their concerns with “I’m crying to deal with my stress”. Of course, you could explain to them about how crying can be a way to soothe stress, but this will get pretty old pretty quickly.

Moreover, some people just don’t feel better after they had shed a few tears to try and relieve their stress. We are all different, and sometimes some things work for some, and others it doesn’t make a slight difference. In the end, the only thing you can do is to just try and see if it helps in your case; if it doesn’t, well then there are many other methods you can use to relieve stress rather than purposely crying.


Other Ways You Can Relieve Stress Rather Than Crying


If you are too uncomfortable about crying in public to relieve stress, or are sadly one of the people unfortunate enough to find out that it doesn’t seem to help you, you will be thankful to know that there of course are many more ways you can relieve stress with.

Listen To Your Favourite Song (Or The Radio In General): Everyone has at least that one song which lifts their spirit and gets them in the mood to dance and/or sing the lyrics out loudly. Whether this song gets played regularly on the radio, or is on your favourites playlist on your phone, the next time you feel as though life is getting too rough on you, play this song (or songs if there’s more than 1) and your mood should vastly improve.

Play Video Games: In your free time, playing a video game can really lighten up your mood if you are feeling very angry and upset about anything in your life, from work to the constant house chores. Of course, you will have to make sure you play games in your free time and not when you are needed, or you may have to face some consequences.

Use A Stress Toy: Surprisingly, what would be deemed a more acceptable form of relieving stress in the workplace is squeezing a stress ball or spinning around a fidget spinner. These can do wonders in giving your hands something to do either while you work or during your break time. As stress tends to make us restless, twitchy and itching for something to do, playing with a stress toy such as these can be a superb way of dealing with it.

Take A Walk: Walking around the block during either your work’s break time, or in any time of the day at home, is another very excellent way of relieving stress, and a great alternative to crying your eyes out. Getting fresh breaths of clean oxygen-full air is also a bonus when it comes to getting your body to steam off stress easily. Exercise in general is very beneficial for you, especially when it comes to relieving stress; you should try and aim to exercise for at least 30 minutes each day.

These are only a few methods which can do a good job at relieving stress. If crying doesn’t seem to help you in the matter of soothing your built-up stress, try and act on these methods listed above. If none of these methods take your fancy, don’t worry as there are many other methods you can use instead.




To conclude this question, yes crying does indeed relieve stress, but it all depends on each person as crying can make some people feel better and others it doesn’t seem make a difference to their mood.

Emotional crying to wash away the toxins and stress hormones in your body which the stress produces is a very effective way of ultimately dealing with stress however, and you should be encouraged to let out a few tears every now and then if the stress gets the better of you emotionally.

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