Gallant Free Standing Punch Bag Review: Punch and Kick That Stress Away!

Gallant Free Standing Punch Bag Review: Punch and Kick That Stress Away!

Product: Gallant Free Standing Punch Bag
Price: £63.99 ($84.42)
Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon
Height of Product: 5ft
Weight: 15kg
Aimed Customer: Teenagers and Adults
Delivery Details: Comes in 2 Boxes (may receive boxes at different times)
Amazon Ratings: 4.4/5

When stress overcomes us, it is natural to feel angry and get emotional about either the root cause of your stress, or simply with life in general. And with the anger and emotional strain building up, it can only take just a small cross of a nerve until you finally lash out, either breaking an object you didn’t exactly want to break, or in more serious cases retaliate at a person and cause serious harm to them, receiving bad consequences as a result.

So what can you do to essentially prevent these unfavorable scenarios from happening?

Purchasing something which you can purposely take your anger out on is a logic decision if the stress you are dealing with has crossed a point where you actually want to punch something. The Gallant Free Standing Punch Bag may very well be the answer to this, and I am going to review it to see if that is indeed true.

The Hard-Hitting Features


  • Gallant’s punch bag stands at a staggering 5ft in total height, with the bag itself and the base it stands on upright, which is very intimidating for the average person who would stand in around 5ft 10”, a far better replacement than a person. No assault charges or criminal records to be had; a big plus, I say.
  • The base the punch bag sits on can be filled with sand or water to weigh the product down and prevent your ferocious punches (or kicks if you’re agile enough to do that) from knocking the entire thing over. Either option is preferred as it would be difficult to use it without a form of weight, but both have their downsides unfortunately.For starters, sand isn’t included with the bag and base; if you need sand, you will have to purchase a bag full either online or at your local store. The kind of sand you will essentially invest in will matter too; builder’s sand may be slightly damp, and could possibly stick to and block the funnel.Water, thankfully, is easy to get from home via the kitchen or bathroom tap. Unfortunately, there have been issues when people have been using the punch bag and water has leaked from the base and onto the ground.Another concern is with how the water may lead to the screws on the base from turning rusty, ultimately resulting in the base from being rendered unusable. Should you choose to use water, it may be sensible to empty it out after using the punching bag to prevent the water from rusting the screws inside the base.
  • The punch bag can be simply lifted onto and up from the base with little hassle, making transporting the bag and base easy. Unfortunately, the base cannot be taken apart, and if there is sand or water inside the base, it will make transporting it quite difficult.It would be best to be absolutely sure about the final location of the punch bag before filling the base up with the weighing options to prevent the unfortunate situation of removing the entirety of the sand or water from the base while making the move.

Who Can Use It?


In essence, anybody from a teenager to an adult can use Gallant’s 5ft punching and kicking bag. Of course, that doesn’t mean a child cannot use it too, but with the large height of the thing, it would be quite difficult for a kid to use it properly.

No matter who can and can’t use it however, it is a perfect object to take out any of your stress-related anger on without any fear of breaking something or getting arrested for assaulting an innocent person (or it might be your teacher/boss who’s the reason why you’re stressed out, then they aren’t innocent, but it’s still not the right thing to do… s-stop thinking about it!).

Whether you even have stress to relieve with this punching bag, or just want to train yourself or build up your figure, Gallant’s 5ft punching bag is a fitting product to use for such occasions.

I will add this however; it isn’t good enough for the hard-hitting heavyweight hulks who want to really put their monstrous punches and kicks to the test. It would be better to invest in something a little more… sturdier. Even a base full of water or sand couldn’t possibly withstand the brute force of the heavyweights…

Pros and Cons


Now, let’s recap the pros and cons of the Gallant 5ft punching bag to get an understanding of it in its entirety. We’ll start off with the unfortunate cons to get them out of the way first of all.


  • Bag and base come in separate packages; may be delay with one half of product
  • Base has to be filled with sand or water to be properly used as base and bag may topple over if punched/kicked too vigorously
  • Does topple around slightly even if filled with sand or water, but not enough to completely fall over
  • Sand is not included with the punch bag and base, so you will need to invest in a bag of sand should you wish to use sand as a weight
  • Water, though more accessible than sand, can rust the screws of the base if left inside base for too long; can also splash around and spill on the floor if bag is used too forcibly
  • Base funnel to pour sand and water into could be made a little bigger; not quite easy to put sand/water into
  • Takes a fairly long amount of time to fill with sand or water
  • Base can’t be taken apart for easier transportation
  • Have to be absolutely sure where you want the bag and base to be before filling up with sand/water as too heavy to move afterwards
  • No cover included with package to cover base up in bad weather conditions; will have to invest or use your own cover should you be using the bag outside
  • Gallant UNABLE to deliver product to THESE post codes:HS, IV 41 to 49, IV 51, 55 & 56. KA 27 & 28, KW 15 to17. PA 20, PA 41 to 49, PA 60 to 78, PH 42 to 44. ZE. Isle of Man (IM). Channel Islands

Whew. Now that we’re all sad and negative about Gallant and their 5ft punching bag, let’s go to the pros to feel positive about it again, shall we…


  • Usable by anybody of all ages
  • Easy to lift bag off and place back on base
  • Superb at being the emotional soother of stress or ADHD
  • A great way to practice boxing, martial arts and kickboxing
  • Good value for what it brings to the table
  • Well built and sturdy bag capable of baring intense punches and kicks
  • Numbers on bag serve as goals to aim for if starting out with kickboxing or martial arts
  • Excellent for workouts and improving hand-to-eye coordination

Conclusion of Gallant 5ft Punching Bag


Gallant’s 5ft Punching and Kicking bag serves as an effective way to not only build up muscles in arms and legs, and to give good practice for boxing, kick=boxing or martial arts, but also to take any emotional strain out on without the risks or costs of breaking an object or another person.

Suitable for all ages too, the 5ft punching bag also acts as a great pass time the whole family can enjoy. With its sturdy bag and well-equipped base capable of setting the entire thing upright and preventing it from toppling over, Gallant have really outdone themselves with this amazing product.

I highly recommend Gallant’s 5ft punching bag to everyone, stressed about life or just simply want a good workout.

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