How Does Breathing Help Relieve Stress: Huff & Puff Your Stress Away

How Does Breathing Help Relieve Stress: Huff & Puff Your Stress Away

Breathing is an activity we all need to constantly do in order to survive. It gives our body and, more importantly our brain, a regular supply of (hopefully) clean oxygen which allows it to perform its actions well enough to basically ensure our survival; without oxygen, we would simply cease to exist.

When it comes to relieving stress, it may come as a surprise to learn that breathing can be a very good way to relieve your stress and allow you to return to the peaceful way you were before you were stricken with this nasty mental strain.

But how does breathing actually help reduce stress, and if breathing does a good job in doing so, is it the single best stress relief method out there? There’s only one way to find out…


How Does Breathing Relieve Stress?


When it comes to relieving stress, breathing can be a very effective way of doing exactly that; when we breathe in, especially deeply and slowly, a sort of message gets sent to our brains that tell it to calm down and relax.

Symptoms that happen whenever we come under stress, such as a fast heart rate or an increase in blood pressure, are quickly subsided whenever we take our time with our breaths.

Annoyingly, regular breathing that we do daily ever since we were born doesn’t call these messages to you body and brain; rather, special deep breathing “exercises” are the kinds of breathing which send these signals telling your brain to cool off and to take a chill pill and to chilax and to… err, I’ll stop there.


What Kind Of Breathing Exercises Are There?


There are many different breathing exercises which you can perform to calm yourself down and allow your body to blow away some of the pent-up stress you may have had manifested inside you.

  • Belly Breathing
  • Roll Breathing
  • Equal Breathing
  • 4-7-8 Breathing
  • Morning Breathing
  • …and many more.

There are so many different types of breathing exercises which you can do for your physical and mental health; far too many to put on the list above.

As I am NOT an expert of breathing exercises, and don’t know which ones will work for you and which won’t, I would advise you to research these exercises and the many others to find out which ones you are comfortable doing and which ones will actually be beneficial for you as we all have different tastes, and more importantly, bodies.


When Is The Best Time To Do These Exercises?


Knowing what kind of exercise is the right one for you is one thing, but finding the time and the place to perform this exact exercise is another. Fortunately, breathing exercises are not as vast or time consuming as other mainstream and far more physical exercises such as running and cycling, so you don’t have to worry about finding the time or planning on the routes to go beforehand.

In other words, anytime is the best time to do a breathing exercise. Inside your home, inside your car; inside your workplace… basically, any quiet environment where you won’t be easily distracted by anything. I would say the best times to do these exercises is both in the morning and in the evening as those times of the day are generally quiet.

Furthermore, in the morning and evening, you can mentally prepare your body and keep it calm before and after work to prevent stress from further altering your mental state.


Is Breathing The Single Best Way To Relieve Stress?


Deep Breathing seems to be a very great way of relieving stress, but is it the single best way to do so? This question unfortunately cannot be answered with a simple yes or no response; everyone will have a different opinion and, ultimately, a personal experience about what method helps to relieve their stress the most efficiently.

I cannot emphasize enough that we are all different people, and both our bodies and our own opinions will each have a specific method which will work in helping to soothe their stress.

So, to round this question up; for some people, this is a great way to relieve stress, and for others it simply and unfortunately won’t make the slightest difference.




In conclusion, breathing is an easy and highly effective way of relieving stress. Thanks to the high number of different breathing exercises you are able to do, you will be able to find the most comfortable exercise to your liking, and will be able to find the time practically anywhere to use deep and calm breathing to relieve any stress you may be under; that is, of course, if deep and calm breathing does indeed work out in your favor.

Performing deep breathing exercises for some people is an excellent way at soothing their stress; for others, however, they will need to find another method to help them manage their stress as they may not find the release they need from simple deep breathing alone.

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