How Pets Can Relieve Stress: The Stress-Free Benefits Of Having A Pet

How Pets Can Relieve Stress: The Stress-Free Benefits Of Having A Pet

There is nothing more heart warming than cuddling up with your favourite pet after coming home after a long day, whether from work or from a day out somewhere.

Pets make great companions – they don’t judge you for your opinion on things, the way you are or the way you act; they never argue or disagree with you if you speak with them (well, unless they want feeding, of course!), and they absolutely love you with all their heart.

Of course, having a pet does come with its struggles; you have to keep up with maintaining their health and more importantly their relationship with you, and unfortunately some pets, especially cats and dogs, don’t live as long as we do, so if you do get a pet such as a canine or feline, you will sadly have to realise that they won’t be there forever.

…B-but don’t worry, there are benefits to having a pet!

In fact, pets are a superb solution to all that stress you have been building up from your challenging career, and this list will show you some ways how.

So, sit back, cuddle up with your cat, dog or bird, and relax as I go through how exactly pets can relieve your stress.


Self-Esteem Booster


As depression is one of the main symptoms of stress, your self-esteem can plummet if not kept on track of, especially if you were prone to judging yourself before you fell under the unfortunate curse known as stress.

Luckily for you, pets are excellent boosters for your self-esteem. Pets, such as cats and dogs, know exactly how you are feeling and what emotion you are portraying. If they sense that you are sad, they will come and comfort you; angry, and they might come over to you to try and calm you down…

As pets are essentially an equivalent to having a best friend by your side all the time, it’s no wonder why boosting your self esteem is something they excel at.


Improved Mood


Your mood plays a big part when affected with stress; you become grouchy and nervous and depressed, and it can absolutely change who you are if the stress you are under is severe enough.

Similar to self-esteem, your mood can be vastly improved with the help of these furry friends. If you are feeling down in the dumps, you can be sure that your cat, dog or any other pet will be there to cheer you up and give you a reason to smile.

Stress will certainly give you some unwanted mood changes, but having a pet will help you to combat those changes and maintain your happy self.




Exercise is an excellent enemy to stress, and thankfully, dogs just absolutely love walkies.

Taking your pet dog for walks every day, even just for 10 minutes around the block, can be enough to effectively maintain your stress and prevent it from having a severe effect on you.

Some people refuse exercise because they lack motivation, or believe that the only place worthy enough to get exercise from is the local – and also very expensive – gym down the street.

However, when it comes to walking dogs, owners feel more relaxed and motivated to do it as they care for their friend and feel responsible for the well being of him/her.

Of course, you can take your cat for a walk as an alternative if you don’t have a dog, but it will be a lot harder as cats generally prefer being on their own outside, but don’t quote me on that… 🙂


Decreases Blood Pressure


A strong tell-tale sign of stress is a rise in blood pressure, which fortunately pets are amazing at combating this somewhat unhealthy change to your body.

Simply looking at your pet, whether it be a dog, a cat or even a tank full of fish can do wonders in lowering your blood pressure and relaxing your body from any rises in your heart rate or blood pressure.

As well as blood pressure, pets can decrease cholesterol and triglyceride levels as well, which is highly beneficial in maintaining the healthiness of your heart.


Helps You Socialise


Socalising with other people is a big thing to do, and is absolutely something which everyone needs to strive to do in their lives, whether you are introverted or extroverted. Not only is it a phenomenal way of relieving stress, but having somebody to talk to like a friend is vastly important in order to lead a healthy life.

With a pet, most realistically a dog, you can attract somebody while taking them for a walk; the person will see your dog and possibly start up a conversation with you.

Even if you aren’t much of a talker, you will nevertheless appear friendly and laid back by somebody if they see you walking with a dog.

If you are feeling a little down and stressed, you could perhaps talk about it to the person who walked up to you and your dog; they may have some clear-sound advice which could be beneficial to you.


Something To Touch


As stress makes us restless, we feel a sudden urge to touch and fidget with random objects as a way to satisfy this very urge. Products such as fidget spinners and stress balls were designed for this very action in mind, but that doesn’t mean they are the only things you can use.

With a pet, more practically a cat or a dog, you can essentially stroke and cuddle up with; this is more than enough to satisfy even the strongest of any sudden “touch” urges.

Furthermore, touching an animal releases all sorts of relaxing chemicals which can slow our heart rate down and of course make us feel completely relaxed.

Cuddling up with a pet, or simply stroking one, is very special as it not only connects the two of you together spiritually, but also plays a vast part in relieving any stress you may be under.




In the end of it all, having a pet is something which everyone should do. Not only are they highly beneficial to both your health and your social life, but they also act as having a best friend who you can count on.

Although the responsibility of bringing up a pet and making sure they are fed and looked after is highly regarded and very important, the long run will make it absolutely worth the diversions to your restful day as you will practically have a best friend standing by your side for a long time.

If you want to reduce the amount of stress you are under, and prevent it from taking its toll on you in a severe way in the future, go for the route of owning a pet.

In the end, it is basically another member of the family who will be your friend forever. You can’t really go wrong with a pet.

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