How Prayer Can Relieve Stress: Have Faith Through Hard Times

How Prayer Can Relieve Stress: Have Faith Through Hard Times

Ever since the dawn of time (or at least since humans have existed), there have been countless theories about higher powers or a single higher being which have made, and continues to control, just about everything in the known universe. These theories have transitioned into special books which have been supposedly represented as the words and records between humans and the Gods themselves.

Now, times can be rough in this world, especially for certain people who are unfortunate enough to be born in a not so wealthy environment or whom are struggling financial wise. Tough times such as these will no doubt push people into the process of praying to the powers that may be and asking them either for advice on how to fix the situation, or sometimes practically begging for help.

Although being under stress isn’t as intense or soul-destroying as being utterly homeless or having recently loosing a loved one, it can be enough to warrant a prayer or two, especially if you were a religious person already. But do these prayers actually help your case? And if so, how and what other benefits are there? Let’s find out.


How Can Praying And Faith Relieve Stress?


The reason why religious people might pray is very simple; they may be struggling with something and want guidance or help from the ones who made us and control everything we know. The same can be done for people who are under stress or suffering from any other mental strain such as anxiety and depression.

While I myself identify as a Christian (although I don’t attend church or do much praying to God above, so I don’t really know if I can be classed as one) I can’t exactly say if praying makes me personally feel better about stuff or not as I don’t exactly pray to God above.

But for others who are more tuned in with their respected religions, they might feel as though their prayers get answered.


The Other Benefits To Praying And Having Faith


It would seem quite ironic to compare science and religion together, especially as both are extremely different; religion for the theories of higher beings and science for the full blown proof of unexplained things.

But it may come as a surprise to know that science itself states that praying and having faith does have its benefits, from a lot more in fact rather than just simply relieving somebody’s stress.

Multiple studies have been done over the years on the connection between faith mental health. They found that people with higher religiousness have a greater chance of gaining a more positive outcome of their mental health than people with a lower state of religiousness; basically, the more religious somebody was, the fewer depressive symptoms they experienced.

It seems then that being religious adds a huge bonus to your life as you will be less likely to be depressed or encounter any other sort of mental strains such as stress and anxiety because of your faith with the powers that may be from above the fluffy clouds. However, there is a large problem (or two) that we’re overlooking…


The Problems With Prayer And Faith


The main problem with religion and faith is that there are of course people out these who don’t believe such things as Gods or higher beings/powers of any sort. In fact, as technology is advancing and we are starting to see the universe for what it is, and perhaps how it was really created, atheist numbers are slowly but surely growing higher and higher; humans see no need to believe in something which seems to not exist.

Furthermore, you can’t simply force anybody to believe in something they don’t want to. Although there isn’t any proof that there is a God in charge of all of us, there certainly isn’t proof that there isn’t one also, and everybody is free to their own opinions; we can’t force an opinion or direction on somebody if they don’t want to themselves – even if it seems that having a religious view decreases the chance of you having a negative mental state.

In addition to atheists and science supposedly bringing us closer and closer to the truth of us and the known universe, people who are heavily religious may depend all their wealth and good fortune on their respected God; this isn’t a healthy set of logic mainly because if something doesn’t go your way, and your misfortune or in this specific case, your stress, doesn’t disappear, you will be confused and wondering if you have done something to upset God or the powers above as they aren’t fixing your problems.

Only you can ultimately change the world to how you want it, and solely depending on God to do it for you is bad; of course, there’s no harm in asking God for guidance occasionally, and maybe to place a small amount of luck on your side every now and then.


Is Prayer The Final Method Of Stress Relief?


The researchers have the crystal clear evidence that religious people are less likely to be affected by depression or other negative mental health, so does that mean that having faith and praying to the Gods above is the sure path to becoming relieved from stress for life?

First off, you certainly can’t be relieved from stress forever. Sure, you can find the methods which are right for you to soothe it when it affects you, but it is impossible to avert stress from your life completely; it is natural and believe it or not, we are meant to have a little bit of stress from time to time – being stressless turns us away from being human.

Secondly… many people just aren’t religious and choose to believe in science and the Big Bang rather than God, and that’s perfectly fine. There is still a vast lack of evidence to support any side of how us and the universe were created, and the sole purpose of why we are here. For these people who would never see themselves praying to what some have called a “sky fairy”, praying would simply not be a method on their “stress relief methods” list.




To end it all off, the power of religion and prayer can be wonderful for the people who believe in God and the heavens above. There is heavy evidence to prove that praying and having faith if you are religious can help you lead a life where you are less likely to be overcome with depressive symptoms and quite possibly stress.

On the other hand, if you are not religious and are a more firm believer on everything being created by the Big Bang and us by evolution rather than from a big bearded fellow, then you would be better off if you focused on a completely different method of relieving your stress as praying… well, that would be the last thing you would do.

Whatever your religious beliefs however, you’ve got to be impressed by how powerful and effective faith and prayer is for people though. With how the world can be sometimes, it’s nice to have hope and a little faith that the powers above will be able to sort out our messes.


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