How To Relieve Stress From Work: Beat The Pressures Of Work

How To Relieve Stress From Work: Beat The Pressures Of Work

Between the years 2015 and 2016, 30.4 million working days were lost due to self-reported work-related illness or injury; around 25.9 million of those days were lost due to work-related illness. 11.7 million of those work-related illness days were lost ultimately due to stress, depression and/or anxiety.

As we can see, stress and other things related to it can be very damaging to not just your health but the way you work as well. Having a calm mind and not letting the demanding environment get to you is the sure way of preventing yourself from effectively missing out on all those precious days.

Of course, the last thing you want to do is more work, but if it’s the only form of income you have at the moment, then unfortunately you don’t have much choice but to attend. You can keep your cool at work with a few effective methods which will hopefully teach you on how to relieve stress from work and allow you to attend full time and not miss out on any important days.


Hot Beverages


Coffee, tea or hot chocolate are perfect and hassle-free methods of keeping your sanity in check in the crazy world of work. The refreshing smells and soothing feelings of these delicious beverages seeping down your throat would relax even the most extreme of tensed up workers.

Bonus points if you could also maintain the mindset of the drinks as tasty treats instead of being something related to the stressful land of work to further improve the sweet taste of relaxation when you sip the luxurious liquid.




Music is quickly proving to be a great stress reliever just about anywhere in the world. Generally, most workplaces have a large, outdated radio accompanied with a long trailing cable running along the floor and creating a trip hazard. Some workplaces, on the other hand, may be strict (or not even have a license to play music altogether) and not allow loud music to blare around the area.

With your boss’ permission, you could be able to play your own music with headphones via either from the computer you work at or, if the kind of job you do doesn’t require a computer, plug your earphones into your mobile phone and play away.

So if your boss says so, play your favourite tune and dance that stress away… provided you do your job, of course.


Stress Ball


Stress balls have been around since 100AD+, so the concept of playing with and squeezing objects in your hand to relieve any tensions isn’t something relatively new. Modern stress relieving objects are made with foam instead of hard thick materials like wood, which makes gripping and squeezing them easier and friendlier on your hands.

If you work at a desk, you have the perfect environment for your squishy stress ball as you can set it aside on your desk and every now and then you can relieve some built-up tension with it. On either the lunch break or a general quick break, you could spend around a minute or two playing around with the foam object as well.

If you are somebody who is prone to being overcome with stress, having a stress ball or two in your possession is a very good idea as you can utilize them wherever you go thanks to their compact sizes.




Now, if you are unfortunately anti-social or shy, this method may not be effective if you wish to relieve any work-related stress; in fact, it may produce even more stress if you have to socialize with others.

If, on the other hand, you aren’t able to socialize with your coworkers, then speak to either a family member or a friend instead while on the breaks as a way to speak out your stress demons to somebody you’re comfortable talking to.


Family Portrait


This one’s a total cliche, but having a portrait of either your parents or your wife and kid(s) on your desk while you work is another great way to soothe any mental strain work may be having on you.

Not only would the sight of the ones you love calm you down, but if you also use the picture as inspiration, then there may even be a chance of you working more efficiently at your job too.


Getting Up And About


Exercise in general can do amazing things to your body and mental state; it is vital that your body gets around 30-60 minutes every day to maintain a healthy state.

At work, exercise can be hard to fit into a tight schedule, but depending on the job you do and the kinds of breaks you receive, you can squeeze in a little exercise into your break to give both your mind and body a workout, and soothe some of that built in stress too.

Try to walk up and down some stairs in the workplace, or walk/run around the block during your breaks; the good workout will sure get your blood running and stress soothing.




Meditation can put your body and mind into a relaxing state which will not only soothe any stress you may be fighting, but will also allow you to collect your thoughts about the current project you may be on and how to go about it easier.

During your breaks, try to sit down on a chair and relax; keep your breaths deep and long and imagine yourself somewhere which makes you happy. If you like to listen to music when you concentrate, then go ahead and play a calm song to further relax yourself; your stress should fade away like the waves on that nice sandy beach in no time.

Implementing these methods in the workplace should help you to combat that increasing stress you may be suffering from and prevent you from ultimately missing out on any important days.

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