How To Relieve Stress Headaches: Soothe That Thumping Head

How To Relieve Stress Headaches: Soothe That Thumping Head

Being under stress puts a considerable amount of strain on specific places on your body, and the most uncomfortable and possibly even life-threating area put under strain is your head. Stress headaches are serious business and need to be soothed if you have any chance of being able to concentrate on the more important things, like work or taking care of your family.

Your brain can do lots of unnecessary and uncomfortable things while under stress – from fabricating loads of scary and unsettling thoughts and ideas to simply being put under a lot more work than it usually does – so it is important that you know how exactly to soothe your head and prevent the stress from causing any further damage or discomfort to yourself.

Your brain and mind are important things to have, so it is important that they are not too busy or wasting valuable time and resources concentration and dealing with stress which can easily be soothed and forgotten about.

This post will go through different methods in which you can use to relieve that painful stress headache, and put your mind back into its comfort zone of dealing with important ideas and functions, rather than simply freaking out from the stress and anxiety attacks you are currently being tormented with.


Go Outside And Get Some Fresh Air


One of the best things you can do when you are feeling a little low under the weather is to literally go under the weather! Going outside when you are feeling uncomfortable or have a slight headache can be very beneficial to you.

For starters, getting some fresh oxygen into your system from the source rather than simply from that open window in your house/office can be extremely good for you as, well, your body needs a fresh supply of oxygen to maintain its health, and there’s no better way to get a good dose of the vital element than being outside in the fresh air. (Have I said “fresh” enough?)

Of course, if you have a headache, your head and eyes won’t exactly thank you when you go forth into the bright light of the outside sun, but it is worth it to get a load of clean oxygen. If you are still worried about the bright light from outside, take some sunglasses with you and your head should thank you after that.


Take A Few Pain Killer Tablets


This one’s more of a highly used technique around the world in beating that nasty little head beater. Taking a pain killing tablet or two with a gulp of refreshing water is perhaps one of your best options in dealing with a stress headache, or any other stress pain and ache for that matter.

Paracetamol and Aspirin are very highly used medications, with paracetamol being the most commonly used pain killer medication in both Europe and the United States.

With how effective and vastly used these medications are, it is no surprise why a lot of people will quickly whip out a tablet or two the second they feel slight pain or discomfort in any area of their body.

Of course, you will have to take into consideration if you are allergic to any of these medications at that is a possibility before taking any of them for your stress pain/discomfort.

If you are safe from any dangerous allergy attack, however, you can be calm in knowing that the effective medication will deal with the pain efficiently and allow you to go on with your life without any more pain.


Dive Into A Hot Bath (Accompanied With Relaxing Bubbles)


With any ache or strain on your body, running a hot bath and relaxing inside the warm water can be a very effective way in soothing your body and drowning out (quite literally) any aches or pains your body may be currently under.

While this specific technique is more efficient for aching arms or legs rather than a headache, it can still be a very good way of relieving your stressful body, and help you to relax and think about more important and worthwhile things than whatever your stress may be making you feel.

Additionally, feel free to add a few squirts of bubble bath soak into the running water for an extra feeling of muscle relaxment and stress soothing.


Get A Good Night’s Sleep


Falling asleep after a long day is such a good feeling, and when it comes to relaxing any strains of your body it can do wonders for them.

If you are coming up with a headache, getting some shut-eye can be one of, if not the greatest things you can do for yourself. Sleeping will allow your body to focus on the more important aspects, such as fixing and dealing with any injuries or obstacles you may have.

Sleep is highly beneficial for your body and soul, and when it comes to soothing any aches or pains in any area of your body, allowing your body to rest can be the best way to go about this.


Take A Break From The Source(s) Of Stress


If you have a headache which you think emanated from stress, chances are there’s something going on in your life at the moment that is the cause of the stress. Whether it be from work, home or simply from life in general, if the stress gets to the point where it’s completely overwhelmed you and is putting your body under a lot of strain, perhaps it is time to take a break from the source of stress.

Taking time off from whatever is causing your stress will allow your body and mind to take its resources off from the matter and to prevent any further stress from manifesting so that it can deal with relieving the current stress you may be under.




In conclusion, stress can cause all sorts of aches and pains in many parts of your body, and unfortunately one of these parts include your sensitive head.

If you are unfortunate enough to be overcome with a headache while you are stressed out from your general life, you can use any of these methods to rid yourself of the headache so that you can carry on pain free with your life and to eventually relieve the stress you are under.

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