How To Stop And Control Stress Eating: Don’t Eat Food Unnecessarily

How To Stop And Control Stress Eating: Don’t Eat Food Unnecessarily

Whenever we are hungry, we eat food; it’s a simple but essential part of living and something which every organism on this planet does to survive. Unfortunately, we humans also eat to satisfy our emotional hunger as well as physical, and if you are currently in the midst of recovering from stress or anxiety attacks, consuming an unhealthy amount of food will be your body’s first method of trying to control your emotions.

For example, you may drive straight to a take-away restaurant like McDonalds or KFC after work to satisfy your emotional hunger due to the stress from your job. Another example is you simply snacking away at random food in the fridge while at home if the house chores get a little too overwhelming for you.

While this may sound harmless and not at all bad, you will have to take into consideration about the amount of food that you do indeed eat. Too much and you could become obese, which can easily put your health and even your life on the line. Furthermore, you could be eating too much salty food, which can lead to additional problems for your health and life.

You will need to know ways to control and properly stop stress eating, and to ultimately stop yourself from becoming obese simply because your body wanted to feel better after a serious bout of stress from work or home.


Who Can Be Cursed With Stress Eating?


Unfortunately, stress eating can affect just about anybody in the world, whether they enjoy cooking and eating or find it tedious and boring. Our bodies use food as a way to make ourselves feel better about both ourselves and the world. For example, you may tuck into that tub of ice cream at home if the house chores overwhelm you, or you may quickly sneak into that McDonalds drive-thru on your way home from work.

Sadly, emotional hunger cannot be craved by food. Sure, it may feel good and fulfilling when you eat, but sooner or later the emotions will return and the hunger crave will return. Furthermore, you will start to feel bad because you lazily scummed to your wishes and ate those unnecessary calories and put on that unnecessary weight.

No matter what your situation is, you will be pleased to know there are alternatives you can do to crave your emotional tendencies and make yourself happy without stuffing your mouth full of delicious but unfortunately unnecessary food.


What Can You Do Instead Of Stress Eating?


To be able to effectively deal with stress eating, you will need to know what you can essentially do as an alternative to stress eating. What I mean by this is that you will need to be sure you have a different way of managing your emotions instead of eating excessively if you really want to beat it.

It can be extremely hard to get yourself and your body out of a schedule and change it, especially one that made you eat food whenever and where ever you were; the payoff in the end is absolutely worth the pressure and challenge though.

Here are some alternatives to stress eating:

  • Phone a friend, or invite them into your home if you’re feeling down
  • If you have a pet, play with them (pets are extremely beneficial for stress, see here for more information)
  • Squeeze a stress ball (or other stress toy, like a fidget spinner)
  • Go outside to get some fresh air (and maybe take a short walk too)
  • Drink a refreshing beverage
  • Take a warm and relaxing bath
  • Read a book or listen to music

These, along with other things you could do as alternatives to stress eating, are your best bet if you want to efficiently combat your unhealthy addiction to food.


How To Control Stress Eating From Here On Out?


Once you have grasped a method or two as an alternative to stress eating, you will need to be able to work through it and be fully rid of your eating habits if you want to be able to live the rest of your life in peace; while you will not be stress-free as it is simply a natural reaction to bothersome events, you will certainly be able to live a healthier and less fattening life by avoiding filling your mouth will all kinds of fatty foods.

The next time you get overwhelmed by stress, you will be able to use a completely different tactic to cheering yourself up then to ransack the fridge for last night’s leftovers. Of course, it will take time and a lot of effort to be able to overcome your eating habits, but in the long run it will be well worth it and will lead you to a much healthier life.

If you are having trouble trying to counter act your eating habits and just can’t see to find any methods to replace it – or maybe you have found another method you can use, but you are unable to keep at it for long and before you know it you are finding yourself taking a few extra pieces of that cheese cake in the fridge – you will probably need to see somebody and to let them help you or give you advice on what to do.

A family member or a friend could be your first point of attack, but if you want to have a guaranteed point of assistance, you would be better off talking to your GP or better yet, a therapist about your troubling eating habits.

You may have to go through a specific form of therapy, such as CBT, if you can’t seem to get away from your problematic eating disorder. While this doesn’t have a 100% success rate as everybody is different and sometimes these sorts of things aren’t successful, it is still worth a try and it may be beneficial to you in some way or another.




In conclusion, stress eating is a very serious eating habit; it can be unhealthy and may lead to problems down the line such as obesity to more serious ones like heart disease. If you are somebody who stress eats, you will need to look for alternatives which you can implement into your daily schedule to replace stress eating if you are under stress from your daily life.

If you can’t find an alternative, talk to a friend or family member to find some informal advice on what you can try and do; the best option, however, is to talk to your GP and they may direct you to a special therapist who will help you with therapy such as CBT.

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