How To Stop Hair Loss Due To Stress: Don’t Let Stress Make You Bald!

How To Stop Hair Loss Due To Stress: Don’t Let Stress Make You Bald!

When you are suffering from chronic stress due to either a recent traumatic event or from daily life, you will notice a lot of symptoms and side effects affecting you; these can not only help people self-diagnose the intensity of the stress they’re under, but also can come as a warning as to why large amounts of stress is bad for you. Included in these side effects and symptoms is the unfortunatness of hair loss.

Nobody wants to go bald, and the people who unfortunately do are usually upset about it, and it’s no surprise why. Having no hair on your head is a very frightening sight, and the physical change in your appearance can really pack a punch against your self-esteem.

While an occasional amount of small hair loss is natural, chronic stress has a tendency to mess around with this natural process, and can result in a lot more hair being lost than usual. Thankfully, there are ways you can use to combat the chronic stress, and to allow you to save your hair and allow you to look your best without the horrors of going bald.


Laughter Is The Best Medicine


…Or so they say, but is such a bold claim really that true? Surprisingly, feeling happy and humorous about the world around you and giving out loud chuckles (or quiet, depending on the kind of laugh you have) can have plenty of amazing benefits to your body; one of the most important of these benefits is of course relieving stress and ultimately saving your unfortunate hair.

No only does laughter boost your immune system, and could even help you lead a longer life, but it also is a great way of combating any stress and anxiety you may be under, whether it manifested from life in general or a more specific aspect like work or maybe from your exhausting family.

It makes you feel so happy and positive about your life and the world around you that it can really help in getting you to forget about your worries for a short while. Bonus points if you found something so chest-hurting hilarious that even after an hour has passed, you’re still chuckling to yourself about it.

The next time you’re feeling stressed out from life, or simply are feeling sad and want an easy way to cheer up, joke with friends or find some funny videos online and your mood will sure change into a humorous one, soothing your stress and anxiety in the process.


Maintain A Healthy Diet


Eating the right kinds of food in the right amounts can be highly beneficial to your body; it allows your body to work the best it can without suffering from any loss in energy or strength. But did you know that the kind of foods you eat also affect the way your hair grows and how strong each strand can be?

Maintaining a healthy diet is one of the best ways to ensure that you don’t suffer from any sudden and intense hair loss when stress ultimately manifests in your busy life.

We should always strive to eat the right food to maintain the health of our body and its efficiency; if we live off of only fatty food and not the vital nutrients, our bodies will not grow or maintain itself the effectively, and we won’t be as strong or high in energy that we could be.

Try to eat more fruit and vegetables in your lunches and dinners to achieve a diet good enough to prevent a high loss of hair if you are under stress.


Get Plenty Of Sleep


I don’t need to say how beneficial and vital sleep is. We humans all need rest every now and again, especially with the hardships and challenges some of us face each and every day. Not getting enough rest can be disastrous for both our energy and health, and is something you will need to try and avoid doing if you want to both relieve your stress and to save your hair too.

To allow our hair to grow and function naturally, our bodies need to be healthy and full of life, and perhaps the best way to maintain that is to get plenty of sleep.

Try to get enough sleep daily and the next time you come under stress, you will be less likely to lose a larger amount of hair than nature intended.


Go Outside And Get Some Fresh Air (And Do Plenty Of Exercise)


Going outside and getting some exercise is highly beneficial and one great way to allow you to maintain a healthy body and a positive outlook on life.

Thanks to “happy hormones” known as endorphins that your body releases while exercising, you will feel refreshed and happy while you exercise. Adults generally need to do around an hour of exercising each day to maintain a happy and healthy body, but this can vary from person to person.

The next time you are feeling stressed out from life, try and take some time off by walking around the block from where you work or live; this will make you happy and will decrease the chances of you loosing hair from your manifested stress.


See A Specialist If It Gets Too Serious


If you cannot seem to fix your rapid hair loss, or just can’t seem to shake off the stress you are under, no matter what method you try and do, then your best bet now would be to see a specialist about it.

Giving your GP a visit would most likely be the best option as they will then direct you onto somebody who is qualified enough to deal with the specific problem that you have.

Nobody wants to lose their hair, and unfortunately for some it’s not guaranteed if they will keep their hair or not as they age along and get older.

If, however, you notice the stress you are under is taking a toll on your hair, you can save what strands you have left by seeing your GP as they will give you special medication which could reverse the effects and make your hair grow properly again.




In the end, hair loss can be just as bad of a symptom to stress as being moody or having trouble falling asleep. If you are feeling stressed, and noticing a sudden loss of your hair, now would be a greater time than ever to try and relieve your stress with methods, or by seeing a specialist or therapist.

Stress is no laughing matter, and the sooner you realise and deal with the more serious stress bouts, the quicker you will save yourself the embarrassment of going slightly bald because of it.

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