How Video Games Relieve Stress: Play Your Stress Away

How Video Games Relieve Stress: Play Your Stress Away

In this day and age, video games are gradually becoming the norm and not as taboo as they were when they first started to come around. Kids, of course, absolutely loved them when games like Pacman where brought into their lives, but adults and elders didn’t see eye-to-eye with their children. Popular arguments like “you’ll get square eyes!” were cried out by many parents to their children as they played their electronic hobbies. Fast forward to today, however, and many of the kids who played in the arcades day in and day out have grown up and raised families of their own.

Unfortunately, video games today still get ridiculed for unknown reasons, especially by ignorant news casters who probably haven’t played a video game in their lives and are only reading from their cards.

One amazing benefit to video games which not many people know is their ability to relieve stress; in this post, I will be going through with how exactly video games can relieve stress and why they are quite beneficial to anybody, child AND adult.



One of the biggest reasons why people play video games in the first place is because it gives them a sense that they are playing in the exact world the game takes place in.

If the story and gameplay is compelling and emotional enough, it will make the player feel like they are part of the story, the characters and the environment.

Games like CD Projekt Red’s The Witcher 3 have persuasive graphics, gameplay and gripping characters which immensely help give players the reasons for them to actually care about the characters and their stories.

People generally play video games if they have depression, or in this case, are under stress. The escapism serves as a way for them to focus on the video game and take their mind off of the demanding life they may be leading if only for just a few hours in the day.


Calm Games


People think video games consist only of guns, violence, and more guns; in reality, however, there are a whole load of different genres for games, ranging from adventure to strategy. In fact, there can be games of just about anything.

Want to play as a Creator and make a family of people? The Sims is for you. Want to play as a cube and jump around on ledges as upbeat music practically deafens you? Geometry Dash is the game which does that.

Playing a soothing game will prevent your adrenaline levels from rising due and will ultimately calm you down and lower your heart rate, resulting in your stress gradually deplete.

Try switching out that first person shooter you’re always playing for a calmer, less intense game and your stress will no doubly soothe itself.



One of the main aspects in video games, more importantly those strongly built up on multiplayer, is the ability to socalise with other players from around the world.

This is especially important when combined with digital distribution platforms like PSN (PlayStation Network) or Steam. Steam, for example, has over 1 million registered users, with around 300 thousand of them playing all kinds of PC games at one given time all from around the world.

This is a huge opportunity to make friends with any of these 1 million players; even during the games you are playing, you are able to encounter another player and communicate with them.

Should you find each other to be superb teammates together, you may both friend each other and continue playing other matches together, ultimately forming a friendship.

In a whole, forming a friendship is a great way to relieve stress as you will have somebody to talk to about hoe you are feeling.




Ultimately, video games are a form of entertainment. Before, the biggest form of entertainment were listening to the radio, watching television, or simply just playing card or board games around a large table.

Nowadays, however, video games have certainly grown from the giant bulky machines down in the local arcade and have turned into a worldwide phenomenon where anybody of all ages and places can come together and play video games with each other.

When we come under stress, we naturally want to do something fun and exciting, especially if the stress had formed from something mundane and boring such as repetitive careers or housework; fortunately, video games are practically the definition of fun.

Even a small amount of time, such as only an hour of video games a day can be more than enough to brighten the day of anybody, especially if it is a game that they enjoy.

So the next time you’re feeling a bit under the weather and stressed out with either work or life in general, try and have a go at that brand new video game you brought recently or go back to your all time favourite game and replay it for the 20th time; you’ll probably find your stress will have calmed down a little…


A Different Thing


It is widely believed, especially by psychologists and medical researchers, that depression, anxiety and even stress are formed as a result of “patterned” thinking.

What this means is that these mental disorders are formed when for example, you wake up from bed and have to get yourself mentally prepared to follow the same routine to get yourself ready for work, like brushing your teeth, having a shower and cooking breakfast, before finally getting on the train or bus to get to your workplace.

Your mind slowly gets used to this mundane and repetitive schedule, which unfortunately doesn’t help with the monumental amounts of stress you are constantly under every day. Fortunately, there is a way around this.

Trying something different can sort of break this continual pattern, such as playing a video game in this schedule your mind has formed. This can act as a mental breather and can do enormous amounts of good to combat your stress.

If you can, try and add something new and enjoyable to your schedule if you are able to, such as video games, and your stress will surely be soothed.




In conclusion, video games can do insane amounts of good when it comes to relieving stress. They are enjoyable, very widespread when it comes to social connections; can act as a mental breather during your daily schedule, and can come in all shapes and sizes regarding in genres.

If you aren’t for video games, then that’s fine; I don’t want to force you to try something you have no interest in. But for others who think video games are bad, try and look past those ignorant news anchors and see for yourself just how beneficial video games really are.

Whether you play on a computer, a console, or a handheld, the next time you are feeling stressed out about life or your career, try and switch on that machine and play your favourite video game.

Chances are you may start to feel yourself calm down and your stress will start to soothe away…

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