Noise Generators And Stress Relief: Sounds Which Can Soothe Stress

Noise Generators And Stress Relief: Sounds Which Can Soothe Stress

Hearing is one of our 5 senses, and perhaps the most important sense of all. Working alongside our eyes for sight, it allows us to work out what is going on in the world around us, and helps us to understand where we are and what we can do next providing the current situation.

Our ancestors relied a lot on their sense of hearing when hunting for prey, perhaps even more than what their eyes could see. Our ears are one of the most vital parts of our physical body, and we wouldn’t be where we are today without them.

There are many things in the world which produce sound for our ears to pick up and help us understand where the sounds are coming from, and to work out what exactly the sounds are. For example, we know what an airplane sounds like; we hear a distant rumble in the sky above us, and we look up to see a faint figure of a plane flying a few miles above our heads.

As well as helping us understand everything around us, sound can also make us feel relaxed or happy. For example, the sound of rain landing on all kinds of surfaces can be audibly-pleasing to a range of people, known as ‘pluviophiles’.

When it comes to combating stress and anxiety, these specific sounds can be very effective against the fight, and can help the person to relax and stay calm and let their mind wander and be distracted by the noises than the stress/anxiety.


The Physical Sounds Of The World Can Be Unpredictable


Unfortunately, if you are going to be using sound as a method in relieving your stress or to combat your anxiety, you will have to know what sounds are going to be played in the world near you, and when during the time of day they will finally arrive.

For example, if you love the sound of rain or thunder, you certainly won’t be able to encounter the bliss of both these sounds if the weather is going to be clear skies and bright sunlight.

You could count the days leading up to the inevitable storm in your area, but depending on how vigorous the stress you want to soothe is, or even how long you have to wait until the stormy day/night arrives, this can be very boring and certainly not worth the long wait, especially if the resulting storm wasn’t as intense or lengthy as you were expecting.

And with regard to the other kinds of sounds which you find audibly pleasing, such as the tweets of the birds in that tall tree at the bottom of your garden, or the chilling sounds of the leaves brushing against each other in the wind (maybe in that same tree of yours), you will need to know the dates and times in which birds and/or the wind will be active in your garden.

Sadly, nobody in the world has this otherwise amazing power, and if you have a bout of stress and/or anxiety you need to soothe, the wait can be mentally painful and stressful, especially if these specific sounds are the only sounds which please you the most.

Fortunately, there are alternatives to the physical sounds of the outside world which don’t involve painfully long waits, or anti-climactic results.


This Virtual Noise Generator May Just Be Your Saviour


Virtual noise generators can be easily found on the internet with a few simple words in Google search. These generators are specifically built to play out a noise which the user precisely requires, such as the sound of a simple storm with loads of rumbles of thunder and a few droplets of rain splashing onto the surface below.

While there are doezens of these tools on the web, the one which I strongly recommend to you (and one which I religiously use every day of my uneventful life) is myNoise, made by Dr. Ir. Stéphane Pigeon.

mynoise logo
The myNoise logo

What makes myNoise so special, rather than simply how many specific and unique generators there are (there are a lot of different generators, and to this day Stéphane continues to make even more generators for our greedy ears), is the amount of depth Stéphane goes into creating the generators.

Rather than just simply grabbing a bunch of random sound effects and being done there, he actually explores the world and finds all sorts of sounds which he records with sophisticated equipment, and edits it all down for us to hear. Stéphane explains this in more detail here.

With how many generators there are on myNoise, from the most widely used rain noise, to something more unique like the sound of an active racetrack full of racing vehicles, to even one of the more common sounds people usually find relaxing known as white noise, myNoise is a superb sound generator flexible enough to fit the needs of just about anybody who wishes to use noise to drown out a noisy environment or to relieve any stress they may be under.


What Virtual Alternatives Are There To myNoise?


As well as myNoise, the internet is filled with all sorts of noise generator tools and software which a user can use to play different kinds of soothing sounds to help them out, from blocking out annoying sounds or environments, to helping relieve stress or anxiety.

As I absolutely adore the sound of rain and thunder storms, I was quite an avid searcher for storms to listen to on websites such as YouTube. Before the days of myself being a happy donator to myNoise, I had previously used a few noise generators on the web, one of which contains around 30 minutes of sound of a very active storm.

RainyMood, while very basic in terms of both its content and the way it plays out (you only have the option of selecting from 3 volume sets, and the lowest option is still quite loud!), can be more than enough for somebody who absolutely loves the sound of thunderstorms and wants to listen to one when the actual weather outside is nice and sunny.

Aside from RainyMood, there have been a few other sound generators which I myself have personally used before I found my way onto myNoise and stayed there.

A Soft Mummur is packed with far more features than RainyMood, each noise contains a little volume slider which allows you to, of course, control the rate of volume each sound can be played. I found myself using RainyMood a lot more than A Soft Mummur because I only wanted to listen to the pure sound of a thunderstorm; however, with A Soft Mummur you have a choice of 10 sounds to play, either together or one at a time, so if you want more variety to your favourite noises, A Soft Mummur may be better for you.

Such sounds include the classic rain and thunder, but you can also spice things up a bit and play the sounds of birds tweeting in the rain, or perhaps you wish for a more vibrant and social environment, to which you can play out the sounds of a coffee shop with the chatter of a few people alongside the noisy weather.

These are just a small handful of the many online sound generators out there on the web, and each have been used by yours truly to satisfy my needs of keeping my anxiety in check, and blocking out that ridiculously annoying ringing of tinnitus (all those years of playing the PlayStation 2 at full volume didn’t help me in the slightest!).

Whether you are in the same boat as I am, or just feel like listening to the activeness of a storm behind the safety (and dryness) of a monitor, you can be sure that both RainyMood, A Soft Mummur, or even myNoise will all fulfill your needs.


What About Physical Alternatives?


Although there are a ton of virtual noise generators online, perhaps you would rather prefer a more physical approach, or maybe you don’t simply plan to use the internet for your noise generator needs – thankfully for you, there are alternatives noise generators which you can use to combat your stress or anxiety.

There are all sorts of specially made CDs which have different kinds of ambient and very soothing noises on them; for example, you may have bumped into a CD showcasing the sounds of whales/dolphins. These kinds of CDs are everywhere, and with a CD player can be ultimately used to soothe any of your stress or anxiety.

I have a friend who has always used a thunderstorm noise CD for years to help them fall asleep at night, and still uses it to this day when they want to get a good’s night sleep, so I know firsthand how effective this kind of method really is.

In addition to CDs, there are special noise machines which can easily be found on sites such as Ebay and Amazon which you could use to help you relieve stress, anxiety, or even to help you sleep at night if you are somebody who suffers from insomnia.

These machines can feature a variety of different sounds for you to play out to help with stress or anxiety; they can be very similar to websites such as myNoise and A Soft Mummur, but are physical and can be taken just about anywhere with an electrical source to help your mental state.

I have made a review on a noise machine which I personally believe offers exactly what I have just said, which you can find here.




All in all, noise generators are a very important investment for you if you are somebody who is easily prone to stress or anxiety, or simply just have trouble falling asleep.

Whether you like the sound of rain and thunder, or perhaps you would rather prefer the peaceful tweets of birds in trees, you can be sure that there are many ways, both online and on CDs or even on noise machines, for you to use sound to help with your stress, anxiety or even a bout of insomnia.

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