Stress During A Relationship: Relieve Lovers’ Tension

Stress During A Relationship: Relieve Lovers’ Tension

Being lonely is a horrible feeling. For some people, like myself, we don’t mind the loneliness and would prefer to be on our own and doing our own things, but others literally crave for somebody to be with them; somebody to love them and be there for them every day.

Relationships happen when two people take their preexisting friendship and transition to the next level, one which brings them closer together physically and spiritually. It’s the bridge from being “just friends” to full-blown lovers – all it takes is a little marriage to tie the knot on their newly made relations.

Unfortunately, relationships aren’t all happy-go-lucky and full of sunshine and rainbows. Sometimes, things can get heated up during a relationship; perhaps the couple aren’t really meant for each other and would prefer to just being each other’s friend. Alternatively, they might successfully upgrade their friendship status, but one cheats or tells a lie later down the line and completely destroys their relationship.

Relationships which become like this can easily cause stress to manifest in both parties, but sometimes couples don’t realise this and their relationships are usually ruined by something so little and easily preventable.

In this post, I will be going through the kinds of things which usually cause stress to manifest in couples; the methods both parties can do to rid themselves of this stress and potentially save their relationship, and what they can do to prevent it from happening again and to hopefully keep themselves together as a couple till the end of time.


What Causes Stress And Other Tensions In A Relationship?


Ultimately, every relationship is different; there will be different kinds of people paired up with other kinds of people; there will also be relationships where both parties have the same type of personalities and hobbies. Unfortunately, while these relationships may sound adorable and full of success (and don’t get me wrong, there most definitely are relationships with no hassle whatsoever), there may be a few hassles happening within them which may potentially be jeopardising the whole thing.

Here are at least some of these factors:

  • One of or both sides of the party may feel as though they are not actually the right ones for each other
  • Not spending enough time together (going to work too much; spending more time on hobby than lover)
  • Spending too much time together
  • The big C (it’s cheating)
  • A lack, or too much, of sexual activity in the relationship
  • An unexpected pregnancy
  • Hassle of caring for a baby

How Can You Deal With These Particular Hassles In A Relationship?


  • One of or both sides of the party may feel as though they are not actually the right ones for each other


This one is usually every couples’ worst fear; not being the right ones for each other. Now, only the people in the relationship themselves can answer this simple question; when you were friends and were getting to know each other, you would have easily known if the two of you could make it work together.

Perhaps every now and then, you should both remind each other about why you love one another and how each other’s flaws and imperfections aren’t anything to worry about.


  • Not spending enough time together (going to work too much; spending more time on hobby than lover)


Another situation which can deter a few people away from being in a relationship, not spending enough time with each other is a real problem with modern couples. Careers can be demanding and usually consist of a lengthy amount of work hours, which will ultimately force one of the parties away from the other for a long amount of time.

Alternatively, someone’s hobby can be intriguing, or too important enough, to take them away from the company of their own lover.

In order for both sides to be happy in this situation, they will need to consider their careers and hobbies and make sure that neither of them ultimately take one of the lovers away from the other for too long.


  • Spending too much time together


If spending too little time with each other is a problem, so is spending too much time with each other. Although both parties love each other very much in a relationship, you have to remember that you’re both still human, and every human needs some time off and alone to recollect their thoughts, or to just have a little peace.

Not giving each other enough room or distance every once in a while to cool off can be disastrous, especially if neither speak up about it and allow the pressure to build.


  • The big C (it’s cheating)


Here we go; the big one.

This is something which I highly condemn as it is just not right, especially when either one does it in complete secrecy and pretends to care about their now ex lover.

If you don’t love your significant other anymore, tell them. Don’t break their heart by laying with somebody else, and then lying to their face that you still love them when you clearly don’t.

That’s all I have to say on that one. Sorry for sounding a bit stern, but I just don’t see the point in loving someone else without saying you want to call the relationship off with your previous lover first.


  • A lack, or too much, of sexual activity in the relationship


While sex is a huge part of a relationship (I’m 21 and I still feel dirty saying that word, I don’t know why…), there can be too little or too much of it in some.

In order for both parties to be happy with… ahem… sexual activity (not as dirty, I guess), they will need to essentially talk to each other and go through a sort of schedule on what the best times are to get down and dirty with it (okay, that’s going a bit too far).

Essentially, in order for a relation to ultimately work and contain as little hassle as possible, both lovers need to talk to each other and understand what each other’s opinions are on certain things. Just because you’re lovers doesn’t mean there’s no more stuff to learn and understand about each other.


  • An unexpected pregnancy


Uh oh! Looks like somebody was careless… or a horrible and disastrous accident happened (like me! :)). These things can happen, and this is where a lot of relationships are usually put to the test. Some come out battered and bruised, but alive while others… well, others don’t make it, and choose to run away.

This is a situation many couples overlook when they first get together, and it can come as a nasty surprise when an unexpected pregnancy happens. In order to prevent such a situation, both couples will need to take the right precautions when making love to stop an unwanted pregnancy.

If your hubby or so wears a condom, perhaps take a birth control pill as well just to be on the safe side. This slight annoyance may be exactly that at first, but as it is your best defense against an unwanted pregnancy, it entirely makes up for the slight hindrance and more.

  • Hassle of caring for a baby


So we’ve gone through an unexpected arrival of a baby, but what about a baby which was planned and both parties were ready for? This certain situation can be a hassle simple because babies can sometimes be more than what their parents bargained for. Never underestimate the power of what a baby can do, and by power I mean the amount of hindrance and trouble they can bring.

Yes, babies are wonderful things, and bringing new life into this world is nothing short of a miracle, however a baby can be yet another part of a relationship which is make or break; will the hassle and responsibilities of caring for a little one be too much for one side of the party?

Sometimes, babies can prevent couples from being together as their would spend time dealing with the baby’s needs rather than being with each other. Furthermore, there will be many sleepless nights ahead for the couple, and the cries of their child will ring through their nightmares forever.


What Can You Do To Avoid Relationship Stress From Happening Again?


No couple wants drama or any sort of hassle in their relationship, but it is unfortunately an inevitable thing. There will be trials and tribulations which will put your romance to the test to find out if you are the right ones for each other. If you are successful and are able to hold out the strains and arguments until you both work things out, then you know you had made the right decision in being together.

So how can you even avoid stress if it is an inescapable trial? You simply have to find out what problems lie with each other and talk about it. Share your worries and bothers with each other and don’t leave a single thing out; a huge aspect in a relationship is trust, and it is certainly something you both should have for each other.

Additionally, you can both exercise together or eat the right kinds of food together to give your bodies the upper hand at dealing with any emotional stress which may manifest every now and then. Sleeping is another great method for this, and both lovers are required to at least sleep for around 6 hours every night as that is the minimal amount of healthy sleeping hours for adults.



Stress can be a common thing among relationships, and it is important to recognise this stress and deal with it. But it is also important – even more so perhaps – that the couple work out the tensions that are going on inside their relationship and promptly solve them to not only prevent the stress from happening again, but to ultimately save their relationship from being in tatters.

With all of this in mind, I hope you enjoyed this lengthy post of mine. I also hope that you have learned something from this, or have found out an important aspect I have included in this post that you will need to negotiate with your SO about. If so, I wish you all the best in your relationships, and have a great rest of your day. 🙂

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