The Kinds Of Exercises To Relieve Stress: 5 Exercises To Do If You Are Stressed

The Kinds Of Exercises To Relieve Stress: 5 Exercises To Do If You Are Stressed

Exercising is one of the best ways you can relieve stress! The constant surge of adrenaline and other chemicals released by stress needs to be dealt with in some way, otherwise it’s going to overwhelm you, and there isn’t a better way of using up these natural chemicals than exercising.

Unfortunately, many people think that the only way to properly exercise is to visit the gym and pay a very expensive monthly fee.

The good news is that you don’t have to consider the gym when exercising finds its way onto your daily schedule. There are free alternatives which will not only be healthier for you (being cramped inside a building with others while you all use exercising machines won’t give you the fresh air you need, while being outside certainly will), but they will also give you a sense of adventure if you exercise outside.

Now, I imagine you’re wondering, “Which is the best way to exercise?”; well, the answer is pretty simple…

It all depends on you, my dear reader.

You have your preferences, while someone else has their own preferences.

What I mean is that only you can find out what kind of exercise you enjoy the most, be it running, cycling; walking, or even yoga.

In this list, I will be going through the kinds of exercising people will do to relieve stress.




Perhaps the most common method on this list, walking to relieve stress is extremely simple, and can practically be done by anybody.

There are many reasons why you would walk somewhere, be it walking the dog, walking to your friend’s hose or your work place; walking along the beach, walking through a large tourist attraction like a zoo or a theme park and more.

Even walking around the block for as little as five minutes is enough to give you as much exercise as you need, and to soothe any built-up stress you may have had gnarling inside you, itching to be emotionally released; stress is not pleasant like that, which is why it is crucial you soothe it as soon as you have the symptoms for it.

So, the next time someone asks you, “Does walking relieve stress?”, you can answer “Yes!” with a strong smile.




The second method on this list, and probably my own personal favourite, is cycling! This type of exercise is super fun, and a great example of how exercising can actually be thrilling and exciting, and absolutely not something to worry about or be nervous of.

Of course, cycling can be deadly without the right gear; the wrong kind of clothing (thin fabric won’t be thick enough to shield and protect your skin from grazes after scraping along rough surfaces) and wearing no helmet could spell real trouble if you crash.

Nevertheless, as long as you stay safe and wear the right stuff, cycling can become one of the most enjoyable methods of exercise to reduce stress; the rush of the wind, and the pure essence of speed with nothing around you is very exhilarating to say the least.

If you drive or take public transport to the place where you work, and it isn’t too far away (a minimum of 10 miles or so), perhaps opt to cycle there instead. Not only would you save a lot of money in the long run from gas or transport fees, but you will also reduce the amount of stress you may receive at work as well.




While running is quite literally walking, but much quicker and generally more tiring, it is still a very common method of exercising, and one that a majority of people do for when they want to exercise.

Although not many reasons will pop up in your general life to warrant any reasons for running, it is still classed as a form of exercise, and is absolutely something which everyone who is able-bodied should do.

This is one of the few reasons to consider the gym option as they have all kinds of treadmills which can be used for running; on the other hand, if you have a lot of money to spare, you can opt to purchasing your own treadmill to run at home.




A much more relaxing method of exercise than running or cycling, yoga is a superb way of exercising and reducing the amount of stress you may be under.

The thing that causes yoga to relieve stress is the simple fact that it is a very calming and relaxing activity; it allows you to empty your mind of any worries or bothers and focus solely on your breathing and any stretching that you may do.

While yoga isn’t generally classed as an intense exercising activity for the most part (there are however some specific yoga poses which contain a metabolic equivalent, or MET, of more than 3, which means that they fulfill the criteria of being a moderate kind of exercise), it continues to be an excellent way of relieving stress, and is absolutely something everyone should try to do in their lives.




The final kind of exercise on this list is boxing/kickboxing. While perhaps not as mainstream of an option as the others, it is still a method which works exceptionally well as a way to soothe any amounts of stress you may be under.

There are a lot of punching and kicking bags on the market that exclusively serve as something for you to… well, punch and kick at for as long and as hard as you want without any crime-like repercussions.

The reason why boxing and kickboxing are effective ways at relieving stress is because you can use this opportunity to unleash your pent-up emotions on the punching bag.

Stress will naturally make you feel angry and upset, and will give you all sorts of urges to lash out violently at something in a way to blow off some steam; this is why acquiring a punching bag is a very good idea if you are prone to feeling stressed by general life.




And there you have it; 5 different kinds of exercise which work extremely well at relieving stress. There are so many other kinds of exercising activities in the world, all of which can do wonders for any stress you may be under at the moment; too many to make it onto this simple list.

Even if you aren’t feeling stressed about life at the moment, you should still exercise every once in a while to maintain the health of your body and mind.

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