Vitamins For Relieving Stress

Vitamins For Relieving Stress

One thing our bodies need more than water and oxygen are vitamins. Found in all kinds of food, and even from the Sun, vitamins are crucial for the well-being of our precious bodies; as well as food, there are special vitamin supplements which can be given to you from your GP, or you can buy them over-the-counter from your local pharmacy.

Within the list of the many benefits these vitamins give you, stress relief is absolutely one of them; this post will revel which vitamins are the most effective when you have a surge of stress to relieve and go about your day without it bothering you as much.

Vitamin A

Retinol, more commonly known as Vitamin A, has a high amount of antioxidants which can help your body to combat any illnesses or infections which have infiltrated your systems; other benefits from retinol include helping vision from low light, keeping skin and other body lining, such as your nose, healthy and, of course, Vitamin A is also a great stress reliever.

Vitamin A, in general, is an essential nutrient which everybody will need to regularly consume to maintain their body’s health. Foods which contain this important nutrient include cheese, eggs; oily fish, milk; yogurt, spinach; carrots and mangoes.

Unfortunately, Vitamin A comes with its risks too; have too much of it frequently, and your bones could be more prone to fracturing when you are older. Pregnant women will have to be extra careful with Vitamin A as too much could bring serious harm to your baby; try to avoid eating too much of foods high in A, like oily fish.

Next time you’re stressed, try to add a piece of food to your dinner which contains a dash of Vitamin A like carrots or spinach to not only relieve a large amount of the stress you may be under, but to also combat any infections that your stress may have allowed through into your system.

Vitamin B-1

Our next vitamin on this list, B-1 (also known as Thiamin), is easy to consume on a regular basis due to its presence in most foods such as meats, fresh or dried fruit; nuts, eggs and wholegrain breads just for a few examples.

Thiamin is great for helping your body break down and release energy from foods it consumes; it also maintains your nervous system and keeps it healthy too which is a big plus as well.

Thiamin is superb at boosting your immune system which will help in getting rid of any illnesses or infections that may have sneaked past; of course, many people either eat or even take Vitamin B-1 supplements for a way to relieve their stress. Thiamin gives the consumer a positive mental attitude, which is a must have if you hope to relieve stress.

Fortunately, there isn’t any cases or scientific evidence to know for certain of any side effects one would be plagued with if they take too much B-1 in a regular manner.

So, the next time work or home gets too much for you, and you can feel it taking an effect on your mental well-being, take a supplement or nibble on a food which contains a good amount of Vitamin B-1 and you should feel soothed from your stress after a short while.

Vitamin B-6

Another vitamin essential for relieving our stress, B-6 (additionally known as Pyridoxine) can be found, similar to B-1, in quite a large range of food products.

These foods include pork and poultry, fish; bread, eggs; vegetables, milk, potatoes and more. Pyridoxine, as well as relieving stress, is also a vital nutrient to allow our body to store and use energy from protein and carbohydrates from food.

Pyridoxine also does the rather handy job of helping our body to create haemoglobin; this basically is a substance in our red blood cells which help to carry oxygen around our bodies. As your can see, pyridoxine is a very important nutrient for our bodies to consume; too much of it, however, isn’t very good for us.
It can actually lead to a loss of feeling in your arms and legs should you exceed more than 200mg of B-6 a day; this feeling can subside once you cut back on your overdosing of B-6, but in rare cases the loss of feeling can be permanent.

Vitamin B-1 and B-6 can be found in meat, eggs, vegetables, and dairy products; these two nutrients from the types of the important Vitamin B family are crucial if you wish to maintain a healthy and strong body. They also serve as great stress relievers, should you come under pressure from life’s demanding tasks.

Vitamin C

As well as preventing scurvy, Vitamin C (also known as ascorbic acid) is yet another great vitamin to help you relieve stress should you be under some. The most well-known source of Vitamin C is oranges, but there are a few more pieces of food which contain traces of it too.

These foods include blackcurrants, strawberries; red and green peppers, tomatoes; broccoli, and greens. Furthermore, some juices and cereal have Vitamin C added to them to make them more natural-tasting.

What makes Vitamin C so special when it comes to stress relieving is which how exactly it does it; Vitamin C helps to lower the body’s natural levels of cortisol and corticosterone, which are essentially the stress hormones inside your body. This means that an orange a day, either on your lunch break, or even as breakfast in the morning before the dreaded work or school day can help immensely to reduce the chances of feeling stressed.

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