Wealthy Affiliate 2017 Review: The Answer To Stressful Unemployment?

Wealthy Affiliate 2017 Review: The Answer To Stressful Unemployment?

Name: Wealthy Affiliate

Website: www.wealthyaffiliate.com

Who’s it for: Newbie – Expert

Price: Starter Membership – FREE! (Join Here)

Price: Premium Membership – $49(£37.54)/month OR $359(£275.05)/year (Join Here)

Owners: Kyle and Carson

My Rating: 98/100 – FULLY RECOMMEND


Introduction to Wealthy Affiliate

Being unemployed and stressed out about not having a job was something I had to put up with for a number of months. After dropping out from university due to stress and difficulty with the course I was on, I was desperate to find a way to earn myself an income and not be known as a complete failure to my friends and family.

Along comes Wealthy Affiliate. After finding out about this platform from a small number of reviews I had bumped into after searching drastically for ways to make an income online one fateful day, I was naturally curious about what it had to offer; the praise it received from every reviewer I had encountered gave me faith that it wasn’t a scam from its bold claims, and so I hastily visited the website from one of the reviewer’s links.

What is Wealthy Affiliate, and What Do They Do?


Wealthy Affiliate, founded in 2005 by its owners Kyle and Carson, boasts an incredible 850,000 members online. And that number counts higher and higher with every passing day. So, what on Earth IS Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate (or WA as it is shortened to) is essentially a platform that teaches people how to set up their own professional affiliating business. It just so happens that WA is one of, or perhaps the largest online learning communities in the world; after helping around 217,000 individuals start their very own business online at the end of 2016, it’s no surprise why the platform it stated that boastful claim.

So, how does it teach people to make a business in affiliate marketing?

With helpful and sophisticated tutorials, of course!

The platform contains a series of professional courses which educate users with step-by-step tasks on how they can create a website and start their affiliating business with it. These courses contain awesome videos made by the co-owner himself, Kyle, which you can follow alongside with as he teaches you everything you need to know on how to set up your own affiliate marketing website.

Now, you may be thinking, a website? Doesn’t that require a lot of knowledge on coding? I thought that too when I signed up, however I was quickly relieved when I found out that the platform has its own integrated website manager which uses WordPress to develop websites. You could literally make a website in 30 seconds if you wanted to.

How Do You Make Money With Wealthy Affiliate?


With all the daring claims WA makes on how you can make money with them, you would be silly to not be in the least bit curious as to how exactly you can make money with them.

This is where the magic begins, and hopefully stays with you forever while the money piles into your bank account.

To make money with affiliate marketing, you need to only follow these four simple steps.

1. Find a Niche

You will hear this word a lot when you sign up to Wealthy Affiliate and move through the amazing training it offers. A niche is in essence what you will base your website, and ultimately your business, on. It could either be a hobby of yours, or a kind of product, like mobile phones or clothes; if you choose something which you have at least some knowledge on, and something you find enjoyable, it will heighten your chances of success should you make a profitable business around it.

When I first started, I couldn’t at all think of a niche to use, but after a while I came up with a few ideas to develop websites on; I have written them all down on a word document for safe keeping…

2. Build Your Website

This is the fun part; developing and managing your website based on the niche you decided to go along with. With the embedded website manager at Wealthy Affiliate, you will be able to build, manage and access your website with such ease.

If this sounds overwhelming to you, please don’t worry! The training in Wealthy Affiliate is stunningly helpful and clear, and will give you all the help you need to create your website.

After you build the structure of your website, you can then start adding content to your website in the form of posts. This is a great thing to do because…

3. Attract Traffic to Your Website

Content is the make-or-break in the world of affiliate marketing. Without content, your website will be a bust. Content can be anything you want; from personal blogs about the niche you have chosen, to reviews of products related to your niche.

The professional courses in Wealthy Affiliate will cover everything you need to essentially know about affiliate marketing, so once more, don’t panic if you get puzzled by any of this.

4. Earn Revenue

Okay, so I said that building your website was the fun part… I kind of lied because THIS is the fun part!

Once you have your website and its pages and posts set up, the courses will teach you how to monetize your website through affiliate marketing. This is the part where you find out WHY affiliate marketing is so powerful and how you can earn money from sitting at home on your computer!

Once you gain the proper traffic thanks to the content you produce, you will be able to earn money with your website

To fundamentally earn money, some content you produce can be to promote a product or service. Your traffic will visit these promotions or reviews and, if they like what you talked about, click on the special affiliate links you make on your posts (not as confusing as it sounds; the courses will again help immensely with this) and if they buy the product/service you linked them to, you will earn a commission.

No shipping, no face-to-face with somebody should you be shy, just loads of money at the end of every month.

And there you go. These four practices are essentially affiliate marketing in a nutshell, and it really is as fun as it sounds.


Ready To Begin Your Journey?

Join Wealthy Affiliate Now

Pros & Cons



The ONLY con I can think of off the top of my head in the entirety of Wealthy Affiliate is how mind-numbingly complex and overwhelming it can be as a newbie. When I first came onto the platform, I had NO idea what I had to do.

It got to a point where I actually made a blog post (I’m surprised I even managed to figure out HOW to make one) literally pleading for somebody to direct me on what to do. I had asked quite a lot of questions on that blog post too and was worried I wouldn’t get an answer as to me, I seemed to ramble on it quite a bit.

1. That’s the only con I can think of, because literally moments later I got a reply from the person who reviewed the platform that I came to from, Simon, and he directed me to the blatantly obvious green button on the Activity Dashboard to the left of my screen to get started on the training courses.

…I still can’t believe I was so blind…

And I still CANNOT believe how friendly and helpful Simon was to me… It didn’t take long for me to find out that the entire community of Wealthy Affiliate in GENERAL is so friendly and helpful too. If you have any questions or just want to talk, people will be over to you in the chat in no time at all. It actually got to a point where I verbally said to myself, “this place doesn’t have any right to have such an amazing community…”

Although I was still a little skeptical back then about Wealthy Affiliate as a whole, I was pretty gobsmacked by the wonderful community it housed.
2. When you first sign up to Wealthy Affiliate, you will automatically be given a Starter Membership, which is free forever. There are no surprise scams or anything bad of any sorts. 100% free. In addition, you will also receive something quite special that really surprised me when I first joined.

For the first 7 days, not only do you get a special discount with the monthly subscription to ascend into a Premium Membership (this discount takes the original price of $49 a month to a whopping $19 for ONLY the first month, the following months will continue as the original $49), but you will also have access to features which originally would ONLY be given to premium members.

These features include the ability to privately message ANYBODY in the WA community (that also includes both of the wonderful owners Kyle and Carson, who both have access to WA 24/7 and who will be able to answer ANY questions you have about WA or affiliate marketing as a whole).

You will also get the ability to join in on a live chat section on the platform’s Activity Dashboard. This is a perfect place to have a casual conversation with anybody who may be online at the current moment of time on the entirety of the WA platform; you could easily make friends with this diverse feature.

Furthermore, with a starter membership, you will have access to two, yes, 2 FREE websites which you can create with the platform’s build-in website manager SiteRubix. This is a perfect opportunity to practice making a website should you take the plunge and sign on to become a premium member at Wealthy Affiliate.

I’m not done yet, however… there ONE more juicy feature that you are able to have with a starter…

You will gain access to the first course of the expert level training at WA; this will be where you can learn how to set up an affiliate marketing website and earn revenue online at home without having a strict boss to… well, boss you around. You will be able to work at home in your own time and whenever you want.

The first course will hopefully be the decider for you. It shall be the bridge between a starter membership, and the dirt cheap $19 switch to premium, which gives you UNLIMITED access to the remaining courses of the competent training, and will also allow you to have a maximum of 25(!) free AND domain websites.

Can you imagine… 25 (or even 50 added together) WEBSITES of your very own out there in the World Wide Web…

It’s something that can really take your breath away…

There are so many other pros that Wealthy Affiliate have, but there’s just too many, in my opinion, for me to list without making this review go on forever, so I will just have to let you decide that for yourself.

Join Wealthy Affiliate For Free Now


Who Is Wealthy Affiliate For?



To answer that question, should you have it on your mind, Wealthy Affiliate is for anybody. Whether you are a pro at website development and affiliate marketing, or if you are, like I was, a complete rookie when it came to website development and had absolutely NO idea about the venture of affiliate marketing, Wealthy Affiliate will give you the tools and training to make your chances of success in earning money online skyrocket.

And it is for ALL ages too. Should you be in retirement and looking to make a few extra bucks, or just fresh out of school and looking for a way to start earning an income before you cross the daring bridge into university-hood, Wealthy Affiliate will help YOU make a business online from simply a hobby of yours or something you love.

Wealthy Affiliate can be vastly beneficial to a particular kind of situation you may be facing at the moment as well. A superb example is simply the reason why I have made this review on this particular kind of website. It is natural to feel stressed and have a form of mental strain should you find yourself unemployed or unable to find a job. Like I said before, this was exactly my kind of situation before I had found out about Wealthy Affiliate.

What Support Will You Receive at Wealthy Affiliate?


The support you will expect to find at Wealthy Affiliate is incredible. With its vast training and plenty of courses to teach you how to make an affiliating business online based simply on a hobby you like or a type of product you have a good sense of knowledge on.

Alongside the courses is the wonderful community inside the WA platform as well. A majority of them were like me and you at some point – they didn’t know what affiliate marketing was until they joined WA, and now they will promptly help you if you encounter any problems or have any questions with their own knowledge on affiliate businesses.

All this for only $19 on the first month, and then $49 for the other months? It makes the price well worth it in my honest opinion; plus, you will learn how to make your very own website too, so it brings out excellent training in general for website development.

The Prices of Wealthy Affiliate


I’ve stated the prices of Wealthy Affiliate a few times in this review, but let’s just make a quick recap so that I can help you understand them better.

Starter Membership = FREE FOREVER.

The fact that you can get 2 free websites and access to the important training for FREE is a very good aspect about Wealthy Affiliate. Not only that, but you could in essence EARN money using ONLY a starter account. Of course, with a premium membership, you will gain the training to help you understand affiliate marketing AND help from the community far more than with a starter, it’s certainly not something to merely sniff at in disagreement.

Premium = $19 for a week, then $49/month OR $359/year.

Of course, I’m not forcing you to switch to premium as SOON as you sign up for Wealthy Affiliate; you can do that in your own time and if YOU feel that Wealthy Affiliate is a platform worthy enough for your hard-earned money.

With the first week of being a new WA member, a $19 discount is something that I’m extremely thankful of Wealthy Affiliate to do; not only would it help to make even more individuals make the switch from Starter to Premium, but also it would give them easier access to the tools and training they need to help develop their affiliating business online.

Of course, that’s only for the first month. What about the actual price of $49 when the month passes and you will have to pay extra? With all the unlimited access you get to the training and the tools in your arsenal, I think it’s more than worthy the upgrade in price. There is a possibility you will be earning revenue during the first month anyway, so you will easily be able to afford the increase in price should you get to the day.

And then comes the yearly. $359 a year might seem like a lot of money, and you’d be right; it definitely is quite a bit of money to spend on a service like this, but in reality it’s a really good value if you take into account the discount that it offers compared to the $49 per month…

It turns out that $359 a year works out to essentially be priced at less than $1 every day, or if you really want to be surprised, $29 per month. $29 is a BARGAIN compared to $49. A whole $20 simply if you choose to pay for your access to the Wealthy Affiliate service ONCE in an entire year.

So that is the overview of the prices Wealthy Affiliate has to offer for their premium services. In my opinion, these are really good values for everything that you get with the Premium Membership.

My Final Verdict of Wealthy Affiliate


In a nutshell, Wealthy Affiliate is perhaps one of the best decisions you could ever make in your life. If you are stressed from either not being able to find a job, or had recently been fired from ne and are looking for another, why not choose Wealthy Affiliate to be your career?

You can work from the safety of your home; no need to get up at silly’o’clock with your obnoxiously loud alarm clock just to go face-to-face with your annoying boss as they have a little moan at you for not working as hard as THEY want you to.

You can choose to work ANYTIME and ANYWHERE; there aren’t any risks of getting sacked if you skip a day to do other stuff. In fact, you can skip as MANY days as you want and get that well-deserved rest from that cruel computer desk job you previously had.

No more will you have to stress yourself out in case you get up late or accidentally stay up until three in the morning. No more will you have to be shrouded in depression and anxiety because you may be worried that your boss will have an argument with you.

And to start the entire platform off with an entirely free service as well? Surely, Wealthy Affiliate is the ultimate in career-related stress busting.

I will see you on the other side! 🙂

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